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Agie Davis and Robin Bishop

Clerk of State Court Angie Davis and Chief Deputy Clerk Robin Bishop

Effective June 1, 2016

Pursuant to House Bill 851
Filing Fees for all civil actions filed in the
State Court of Cobb County
will increase from
$195.00 to $199.00


Senate Bill 255 from the 2016 Georgia General Assembly contains major revisions to Georgia's Garnishment Code.

Garnishment Code revisions include O.C.G.A. 18-4-6(b) which requires the Attorney General to develop a list of exemptions for garnishments and maintain the list on the Department of Law's website. The list is available at

In response to the garnishment revisions, the State Court of Cobb County has a new standing order effective Thursday, May 12, 2016, available below in PDF format. Additionally, the Cobb State Court Clerk’s Office has updated the corresponding garnishment forms located on our civil forms section of the web site.

pdf Standing Order with Respect to Garnishments

The State Court of Cobb County handles Civil Law Suits, Garnishments, Eviction Proceedings, Personal Property Foreclosures, Domestic Violence Hearings, Traffic Violations and Misdemeanor Cases. Please take a minute to browse our page.

Most traffic citations may be paid by phone or online.

Please note the following when paying online:

• Tickets are payable online after they have been received and processed by the court. This may take up to 10 business days.

• Your online payment must be made no later than 7:00 p.m. two days before your court date. For example, a ticket for a Wednesday court date must be paid no later than 6:59 p.m. on Monday. Citations are not payable on-line after the court date.

Non-payable citations will not be available online. If it has been at least 10 business days since you received your citation, and you are unable to access your citation online please call 770 528-2660 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Our Mission Statement

The Clerk of the State Court performs all administrative functions of the State Court as prescribed by law and court rules. This office is responsible for maintaining accurate and complete records of all court proceedings, including all traffic offenses, misdemeanors and certain civil actions. In addition, all monies of the court are received and disbursed by the clerk.

The office is organized into divisions that enable the office to perform its functions more efficiently for the judges and the general public. These divisions are Criminal, Civil, Courtroom Deputies and Accounting. 

Important Notice

The Clerk of State Court and the deputy clerks in this office are committed to providing you with excellent customer service. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the services of this office or the procedures you must follow for a particular state court process. Please be advised, however, that state law prohibits our staff from rendering legal advice, restating the law or recommending specific ways to pursue legal action. Nothing on this web site is intended to advise anyone as to legal remedies for a particular circumstance.

Many matters of law are quite complex and may require special knowledge of legal principles and procedures. If you have a problem involving the interpretation of the law, we suggest you contact an attorney licensed in the State of Georgia. Although we cannot recommend a specific attorney, you may contact the Cobb County Attorney Referral Service at (770) 424-2947.

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