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From the Criminal Investigations Unit at Precinct I
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FALL 2017

Welcome to the Fall 2017 edition of THE PENS DISPATCH.  This bulletin is brought to you from the Precinct I Criminal Investigations Unit and is designed to keep you aware of crime trends in your area and tips on measures you can take to keep you and your family safe.




October 26, 2017 at 7:00 PM


Cobb County Police Precinct 1 
2380 Cobb PKWY 
Kennesaw, GA 30152


770-499-4181 or 770-499-3967


ACTIVE SHOOTER: What to do and Law Enforcement’s response  

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“ Hello Cobb County 911 what is your emergency?” This is the greeting that one receives when they dial 911.  Many times a citizen who wants to report an unusual activity in their neighborhood such as a strange car that has been parked in their cul de sac for a couple of hours may think that it’s not really an emergency. Is there another non emergency number that can be used?  Should I even call? These are questions that we routinely answer.  

The Cobb County Police Department encourages citizens to report suspicious activity.  The seemingly odd vehicle parked in a subdivision could be a friend of a neighbor or it could be a burglar’s accomplice waiting for him to return so they can flee with their loot.  If no body calls for us to investigate then we will not know. 

The most effective way to request a police officer response is to dial 911 and give the location and nature of the activity and physical descriptions of vehicles and suspects if available.  The 911 operator may ask for more information including name and phone number, but you can remain anonymous in most cases if desired.

So remember if you see something say something, and if you want an officer to respond call, 911.



A reminder everyone to lock their cars both when parked at your home and when you are out in public. Also close and lock your garage door.  We have taken numerous reports of thefts from autos where the victim failed to lock their car.  Also remove all your valuables from the car.  Taking these steps can go a long way in preventing these crimes of opportunity.


In parting, please check out the county website where you can sign up for alerts to traffic conditions and adverse weather via Swift911, and we are now on You can sign up on Nextdoor for information related to your neighborhood and also receive the PENs updates.


This concludes this PENS Bulletin. Please continue to stay involved, stay vigilant, and help look out for your neighbors!