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Cobb Police PENS (Police E-mail Notification System)
March 2018

Welcome to the March edition of the Pens Bulletin brought to you by the Cobb County Police Criminal Investigations Unit at Precinct Two.


Public Safety Topic(s) of the Month
Basic Crime Prevention Tips

Spring Break is approaching, and in some school jurisdictions, is already upon us. There are some preventive measures that I would like to pass on when leaving your residence for any length of time to keep you and your valuables safe.

Below are some tips to help:

  • Always keep your doors locked (even when home).
  • Let trusted neighbors know when you will be out of town and have them periodically check your home.
  • Leave lights on inside or have timers set for lights within or outside the home.
  • Have your mail picked up by a neighbor or if you are going to be away for an extended period of time, have it held by the Post Office.
  • Work to develop a neighborhood organization and/or a neighborhood watch program.
  • Leave contact information with neighbors for first responders in case of an emergency.
  • Record serial numbers or other distinctive numbers or markings on valuable electronics, weapons, and jewelry. Mark valuable and special items without serial numbers with distinctive numbers or markings.
  • Keep shrubs and other ornamental vegetation cut down that block the view of windows and doors.
  • Ensure all exterior access doors (such as garage and basement) are equipped with dead bolt locks preferably with two-sided key locking mechanisms.
  • Look at installing a security system.
  • Investigate installing video cameras that can be monitored from remote locations such as the office or workplace.

    Note: Many security companies offer this feature as part of their monitoring service; however, video equipment can be fairly inexpensive and easy to install in various locations throughout the home.

These are just a few tips but there are many more available by searching online. Just remember to always be alert and use common sense in securing yourself, your house and your vehicle.


Traffic Law tips:

There are always questions lurking in the minds of motorists when traveling down the streets of Cobb County pertaining to various driving conditions they may encounter. The following are just a few tips on how to legally handle some of these situations.

  • Who has the right-of-way when multiple vehicles arrive at an intersection controlled by Stop Signs?
    The understood rule that controls most intersections when drivers arrive at an intersection simultaneously is that you yield to the vehicle to your right. For instance, you come upon a stop sign at the same time as another driver in a cross street and he is on your right. You yield (give up) the right of way to that driver by letting him go first. (O.C.G.A. 40-6-72)
  • Do you always have to stop for a school bus with its warning lights activated?
    All vehicles must stop at least 10 feet upon meeting, from either direction, a school bus that is stopped for loading or unloading children and displays flashing lights and the stop signal arm. This rule does not apply if the bus is on the opposite roadway of a divided highway. Basically, if there is an obstruction such as a raised median or barrier wall between you and the school bus, you are permitted to continue. A center turn lane DOES NOT constitute an obstruction and you are required to stop, no matter the width of the roadway. (O.C.G.A. 40-6-163)
  • May I use the center lane to get to my left turn up the road?
    A center left-turn lane is a single lane in the middle of a road that is used for cars that are turning left from either direction. The basic rules about two-way left turn lanes: First, it is not a passing lane. The lane shall not be driven in to pass or overtake vehicles traveling in the same direction. Second, a driver can only use the lane for a maximum of 300 feet. So, when you enter the center two way turn lane, you should decelerate and make the first available left turn, not exceeding 300’ in the lane. (O.C.G.A. 40-6-126)

These are just a few questions that I have addressed in the past and are ones that seem to come up repeatedly. If you have further questions about specific laws, you can go to FindLaw or type your question directly to your network. Make sure that you are specifying in the search that you need Georgia law as specifics vary from state to state.

I am Lt. E.S. Yeager and may be reached at Thank you for your support and stay safe.


The next PENS Community meeting will be conducted at the
South Cobb Library, 805 Clay Road, Mableton GA on March 28 at 6:30 pm


Community Affairs Officers for Precinct 2

Officers Penirelli and Deloachare assigned as the Community Affairs officers serving the community in Precinct 2.

Officers Penirelli and Deloach can be reached via email at and


Cobb Department of Public Safety staff are working to enhance the delivery of near real-time information to residents about incidents that may have significant and/or imminent impacts on their safety or welfare. DPS has implemented the SwiftReach Swift911 notification system to distribute these types of alerts.

SwiftReach is a high-speed emergency notification system that alerts residents to emergency situations including severe weather, missing and endangered persons or significant road closures due to fatality accidents or other unplanned incidents in the local area. The program has the capability of delivering pre-recorded messages to the entire county via telephone, cell phone, email and text messaging. The system uses a publicly-available list of phone numbers that can be removed or updated by both residents and businesses.

There are two simple options to opt-in and provide contact information for this service. A sign up portal is available on the Police, Fire, EMA and Public Safety pages on the Cobb County website. Residents can also get the Swift911 Mobile App by texting the word “Swift911” to “99538.” The response text will be a link for the Swift 911 app in the app store. SwiftReach is another example of using current technology to ensure residents receive vital information from the Department of Public Safety. For more information, visit the Department of Public Safety page at and click on the SwiftReach icon.


Police Athletic League

Cobb County is very proud of its Police Athletic League. If you have not heard about it please follow the link below. The Midnight Basketball Program will begin April 13, 2018. The program runs every Friday and Saturday night for six full weeks, boys ages 13 through 17 will have an opportunity to hone their skills on the basketball court at South Cobb Recreation Center on Six Flags Drive in Austell.

Midnight Basketball relies on a tried and true concept used the world over to reduce juvenile crime by providing engaging activities for youth during hours when crime is more likely. The program provides an opportunity for young people to get out of the home, away from their electronics, off the streets, and out of trouble, all while keeping them active and doing something positive. Midnight Basketball provides a safe and constructive outlet for the youth, and it also provides a chance for our officers and residents to interact in a far more relaxed environment.

Each session of the six-week program will incorporate a mandatory one-hour Life Skills Workshop prior to the start of basketball play. During the first hour of each scheduled meeting a guest speaker will present on one of a variety of topics to include the following: communication, ethics, professionalism, decision making, respect, discipline, and conflict management.

Registration is now open for boys ages 13 to 17. Register online at, and if you have any questions contact Alicia Hicks by email at


Cobb PAL focuses on juvenile crime prevention through athletic and recreational activities for Cobb County’s high-risk neighborhoods, primarily in South Cobb. There are many ways that you can help, whether it be spreading the word, getting your children involved, volunteering your time and resources or donating money. Every little bit helps.


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Lt. E.S. Yeager -   Precinct 2 Criminal Investigations Unit 
Sgt. M. Nerbonne - Precinct 2 Criminal Investigations Unit (Day)
Sgt. K. Clausen - Precinct 2 Criminal Investigations Unit (Evenings)