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From the Criminal Investigations Unit at PCT 4 PENS Police Email Notification System


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Happy New Year and welcome to the January edition of THE PENS DISPATCH. This bulletin is brought to you from the Cobb County Police, Precinct 4 Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU4) and is designed to keep you aware of safety alerts and crime trends in your area and measures you can take to keep you and your family safe.

CIU-4 would like to welcome Sgt. Gasque back to the unit.  He served as a detective in the unit for three and a half years prior to being transferred to the Robbery/Homicide Unit then promoted to Sergeant.  He replaces Sgt. Quinlan who has been transferred to the K-9 Unit.  We wish him luck in his new assignment.



Documentation and Recording of Valuables

With the New Year upon us and the Holiday Season behind us, you have likely been blessed with new gifts that you treasure. This is the perfect time to document those gifts and all of your other valuables. If tomorrow evening you returned home to find your home burglarized, would you be able to provide the police with a detailed list of your stolen valuables? The easiest way to prepare for this unfortunate circumstance is by taking digital photographs of your valuables. First, take an overall shot of the item, and then a close-up of any recordable information such as the make, model, and serial number. We recommend saving the photos in more than one location, to even include an online storage option such as an iCloud account. If you unfortunately become a victim of theft, the photos of your valuables can be easily transferred to the police and your insurance company.

Documentation of your valuables not only assists the police in identifying and arresting theft suspects, but it also greatly increases the chances of your property being recovered and returned to you. When documenting your valuables, remember that our investigations benefit greatly when the following information is readily available:

  • Make or Brand
  • Model Name or Number
  • Color of the item
  • Value
  • Serial Number
  • Owner Applied Number
  • Inscriptions or any other Identifying Marks



Cobb Department of Public Safety staff is working to enhance the delivery of near real-time information to residents about incidents that may have significant and/or imminent impacts on their safety or welfare. DPS has implemented the SwiftReach Swift911 notification system to distribute these types of alerts.

SwiftReach is a high-speed emergency notification system that alerts residents to emergency situations including severe weather, missing and endangered persons or significant road closures due to fatality accidents or other unplanned incidents in the local area. The program has the capability of delivering pre-recorded messages to the entire county via telephone, cell phone, email and text messaging. The system uses a publicly-available list of phone numbers that can be removed or updated by both residents and businesses.

There are two simple options to opt-in and provide contact information for this service. A sign up portal is available on the Police, Fire, EMA and Public Safety pages on the Cobb County website. Residents can also get the Swift911 Mobile App by texting the word “Swift911” to “99538.” The response text will be a link for the Swift 911 app in the app store. SwiftReach is another example of using current technology to ensure residents receive vital information from the Department of Public Safety. For more information, visit the Department of Public Safety page at and click on the SwiftReach icon.



Please remember to lock your car doors and close your garage doors.  Entering auto thefts continue to peak in Cobb County.  The majority of these crimes have victimized cars left unlocked.  Also, try to remember to secure any bags, purses, cases, etc. in your trunk prior to arriving at a gym, park or shopping center.  Thieves are known to watch these areas  

Remember to report suspicious activity.  If you see something, say something.  Call 911 and let police check it out.  The police count on you to be our eyes and provide us with information.  There’s a great many more concerned citizens in East Cobb than there are police officers.  Continue to share any crimes and suspicious activity with the police and your neighbors to keep everyone aware and watchful. 

Precinct 4 is happy to announce our Community Engagement Officer, Nathalie Jegg.  If you are having an HOA meeting, wish to start a Neighborhood Watch or have any community related questions, please contact Officer Jegg at, or call the precinct at (770) 499-4184.

Everyone can sign up for PENS alerts and monthly bulletins.

Send an email to our administrative specialist, Teresa Hayes, to request to be a PENS Representative.

PENS is now working in coordination with to reach out to more of the East Cobb Community. You will receive our monthly bulletins and other immediate crime trends with the direct communication between us and your neighborhoods.  Sign up at



(The below named offenders are innocent until proven guilty)

Officers T. Williams, B. Taylor, and N. Johnson
Beat: 418

On December 20, 2017 Officers responded to a dispute in which two males forced entry to a residence and pointed a firearm at the female occupant of the apartment. The female was physically assaulted by one of the males before both males fled the scene on foot. Officers N. Johnson and B. Taylor located the two suspects a short distance from the scene and attempted to apprehend them. The two suspects ran from the officers leading to a lengthy foot pursuit. Officers Johnson and Taylor eventually apprehended the two suspects but not before one of the officers was injured during the pursuit. The Cobb County K9 Unit responded to the scene to conduct an article search for the firearm used during the initial incident. K9 Officers located a backpack near the location where one of the suspects was apprehended which contained the aforementioned loaded firearm, along with a large amount of suspected cocaine. The subsequent investigation by Officer T. Williams led to the two male suspects being charged with Battery, Two Counts of Cruelty to Children, Obstructing or Hindering Law Enforcement, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, Possession of Counterfeit Substance with Intent to Distribute, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Crime, and Giving False Name to Law Enforcement Officer.

Detective P. Barnhill

On August 4, 2017 a male entered the Sunglass Hut at 4475 Roswell Road and concealed several pairs of designer sunglasses on his person while the clerk was distracted. While working a parallel investigation with Sunglass Hut loss prevention, a suspect was identified as the suspect in this case and at a case in West Cobb, where he was also charged with felony shoplifting. It was also determined that the suspect had an extensive history of selling stolen products at pawn shops throughout the southeast and through social media. He also had active nationwide extradition warrants from Connecticut, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and Pennsylvania for similar strings of thefts of glasses, clothing, and purses. While attempting to sell stolen property at a business in Douglasville on December 18, 2017, the suspect fled from police officers, intentionally trying to run over two of them during his escape attempt. After several accidents disabled his vehicle, the suspect was eventually apprehended by Douglasville Police, and he is currently being held in the Douglas County Jail without bond. He has been charged with an additional felony count of shop-lifting and violation of the Georgia RICO act in connection with the East Cobb case.


Thanks for your participation.

Remain Safe and Vigilant!

Lieutenant Kitchens
Sergeant Thorp
Sergeant Quinlan