Cobb County Government

Cobb Summer Swim Leagues

Cobb County has two Summer Swim League Associations: 

Cobb Summer Swim League (CSSL) consists of around sixty teams located at various neighborhood and community pools throughout Cobb County. 
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West Georgia Summer Swim Association (WGSSA) consists of around 12 teams located in various neighborhoods in West Cobb County.  

The purpose of the swim leagues are to provide a fun and competitive atmosphere for young swimmers.The League's governing bodies are made up of coordinators from each team, an executive council, and executive officers. The regular swim season for both leagues lasts five weeks, consisting of four to five meets, depending on the division. The post-season consists of a State-Qualifying Meet, in which swimmers who place first, second, or third in their events are given the opportunity to represent Cobb County in the GRPA State Swim Meet. For more information click the links below.