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Living Blue Community ChallengeLiving Blue Community Challenge

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Living Blue is easy!  Small actions add up to improved water quality. We challenge you make some easy lifestyle changes and see how simple it can be to improve the health and sustainability of your home and neighborhood.
You are probably already doing several of the “best management practices” promoted through this project. Perhaps there are a few more measures you can implement. Please take a minute to review the Challenge points below. How many points have you already earned? How many more points do you need to reach 200? What actions could you do to earn the remaining points you need?


Action Possible Points
Install a rain barrel(s) - 6 points for the first, 2 points for each additional, 10 points max 10
Plant a tree in your yard - 5 points each, up to 15 points max 15
Switch to "green" household products. 10
Create and certify a pollinator garden/wildlife habitat in your yard or neighborhood. 15
Recycle! 10
Pick up your pet waste and dispose of it responsibly. 10
Mark the storm drains in your neighborhood (contact us for more information). 15
Register with Direct Marketing Association (DMA) to reduce junk mail. 5
Install a rain garden in your yard using native plants 15
Reduce/eliminate landscape chemicals. Use organic alternatives instead. 10
Bring your own bags to the store instead of using disposable plastic bags. 10
Buy locally grown produce. 5
Drink tap water instead of bottled water. 5
Sweep it up! Don't spray it off. 5
Participate in a watershed cleanup event. 15
Fix any auto leaks immediately. Check your tire pressure to ensure proper inflation. 5
Bring your own plates, mugs, and utensils to work instead of using disposables. 5
Attend a Watershed Stewardship Workshop - 5 points each, 10 points max 10
Adopt your local creek, lake, or wetland (contact us for more information) 15
Total 200


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