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Fats, Oil, and Grease ManagementFats, Oil, and Grease Management

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Did you know that the majority of sewer system blockages and overflows in Cobb County originate in residential areas? Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from your kitchen are coating the sewer pipes and restricting flow. Over time, the FOG builds up and causes blockages and overflows.

All households play an important role in preventing sewer system blockages. Remember, if it clogs your arteries, it’ll clog your pipes too.

Do your part by following these basic practices in the kitchen:

DO scrape plates over the trash can. Use mesh drain strainers to catch remaining solid food scraps for disposal in the trash. DO NOT wash food scraps (solid or liquid) down the drain or grind them in the garbage disposal.
DO pour used oil into a container with a top and placed in the trash can for disposal. DO NOT pour used oil down the drain.
DO place cooled grease into a garbage can for disposal. DO NOT pour hot grease down the drain.

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