Cobb County Government

From the County Manager

David Hankerson
County Manager

As we start a new year, I am proud to reflect on the progress our county has achieved during the past one. More than that, I am proud of those who made it possible – Cobb County employees.

In 2013, the county’s budget came in better than expected, which we can directly attribute to the fiscal discipline of Cobb government employees and our elected officials. Their frugality and drive to do more with less has created a success story on behalf of residents. If it were not for Cobb County employees, taxes would either be higher or services would be cut – probably both.

They seek to encourage each other in excellence. Each year, a committee of county employees selects the top employees based on their outstanding customer service and recognizes them in front of their peers and the county commission.

In 2013, they selected 16 winners, with South Cobb Recreation Center Facilities Manager Leslie Walker being picked as the employee of the year for both his work at the center and the time he spends volunteering to help children in the community.

Cobb County employees’ constant focus on maintaining our infrastructure, controlling expenses and bringing 24-hour services to residents and visitors alike, shows true dedication. Every incremental step they take to support our mission and to serve our community protects the excellent lifestyle available only in Cobb County.

It demonstrates their professionalism. It demonstrates they care.