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2005 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax
Cobb County’s Department of Transportation continued working towards completion of the 2005 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, which included a six-year collection period that ended December 2011. In July 2013, the county reestablished budgets for the remaining projects which had been either previously deferred or delayed, resulting from decreased SPLOST revenue.

In 2013, six 2005 SPLOST transportation projects, valued at nearly $31 million, were bid for construction. The remaining 19 of the more than 300 projects listed in the 2005 SPLOST are currently undeferred projects or require state and/or federal funding.

2005 SPLOST projects underway/completed in 2013:

Barrett Parkway
Construction to be completed in 2013, with sidewalks completed in October, on this $21 million thoroughfare improvement project that widened 3.6 miles of Ernest Barrett Parkway from four-lanes divided to six-lanes divided from south of Burnt Hickory Road to Cobb Parkway (U.S. Highway 41). Other project improvements include a 10-foot asphalt multi-use trail, a new pedestrian bridge and traffic signal upgrades.

Floyd Road
The $5.5 million safety and operational improvement project that began on Floyd Road in August 2012 continues. The project widens 1.1 miles of Floyd Road, from Clay Road to Hicks Road, to a standard four-lane median divided roadway consisting of two 11-foot wide travel lanes in each direction and a 20-foot wide grass median. A 10-foot wide sidewalk will be constructed on the west side of the roadway and a five-foot wide sidewalk will be constructed on the east side. The estimated completion date for the project is spring 2014.

Lower Roswell Road
The Lower Roswell Road (East) project is an $8.6 million safety and operational improvement project from Davidson Road to Timber Ridge Road. The project added four-foot bike lanes, eight-foot asphalt trail and five-foot sidewalks for the entire length of the project. Turn lanes were added at key intersections. The intersection of Lower Roswell Road, Timber Ridge Road and Willeo Road will be the location of the forth roundabout in Cobb County.

Noonday Creek Trail
The Noonday Creek Trail project under construction is adding 2.5 miles of multi-use trail on Barrett Lakes Boulevard from Barrett Lakes Boulevard at Duncan Road to Noonday Creek, then east along Noonday Creek to Bells Ferry Road. This $4.27 million project adds two pedestrian bridges over Noonday Creek along with sections of elevated walkway and will be completed in June of 2014.

Queen Mill Road
This 1.8 mile project currently underway will add safety and operational improvements to Queen Mill Road from Mableton Parkway to Veterans Memorial Highway. The project will also include curb, gutter, sidewalk and drainage where needed. The construction cost of the project is $3.57 million.

Collections for the four-year 2011 SPLOST began on Jan. 1, 2012. In 2013, engineering/design started on 130 of the 170 identified projects in the program. Construction has started on 81 projects with 55 projects reaching completion.

2011 SPLOST projects completed/underway in 2013:

Drainage Projects
Construction started on 17 drainage projects in 2013. Nearly all of the projects replaced deficient metal drains installed in the 1960s and 1970s. Cost of the drainage projects was approximately $2.6 million to date.

Hopkins Road Bridge
Construction is complete on the $828,000 Hopkins Road Bridge project which replaced the former substandard, weight-restricted bridge on Hopkins Road over Wildhorse Creek, with a new bridge with enhanced pedestrian accommodations and sidewalk extension on the west side to connect to the Silver Comet Trail. The new bridge, now open to traffic, was a joint effort between the City of Powder Springs and Cobb County.

New Chastain Road Bridge
This 2013 bridge project replaced the weight-restricted westbound bridge on New Chastain Road over Noonday Creek with a new bridge of two travel lanes, shoulders and pedestrian accommodations. The project began in May 2013 and was completed in October 2013 at a cost of $1.2 million.

Paper Mill Road Bridge over Sope Creek
New construction of the Paper Mill Road Bridge over Sope Creek replaced the former substandard, weight-restricted bridge. The $2.1 million project replaced and widened the bridge while also adding sidewalks to improve pedestrian safety and was funded by 2005 and 2011 SPLOST dollars. Construction began in May 2013. The new bridge was open to traffic in October 2013.

In 2013, the county awarded $23.4 million for three resurfacing contracts and one crack sealing contract as part of the 2011 SPLOST. When added to the three 2005 SPLOST resurfacing contracts awarded since October 2011, these contracts result in a total resurfacing of 910 streets (282 miles) within the county’s four commission districts. This represents a cumulative investment of $53 million in preserving county infrastructure.

Shiloh Road/Shallowford Road
Construction on the $11 million Shiloh Road/Shallowford Road safety and operational improvement project, which began in November 2012, continues with scheduled completion in November 2014. The project will upgrade the existing roadway to two 11-foot wide travel lanes, add a 12-foot center turn lane and provide turn lanes at major intersections on Shiloh Road/Shallowford Road, from Wade Green Road to Canton Road. In addition, bike-friendly lanes and sidewalk will be added to the corridor. The project was funded by 2005 and 2011 SPLOST funding.

Sidewalk Projects
Construction started on 15 of 19 projects in 2013 to include 6.28 miles of sidewalks. The types of sidewalk construction includes sidewalks that fill in gaps, provide safe routes to schools and sidewalks deemed necessary for transit, activity centers and safety related issues. The cost of the project is $5.7 million to date.

Skip Spann Connector
The Skip Spann Connector will provide a new bridge over Interstate 75 north of Chastain Road to provide direct access from Kennesaw State University to the Town Center economic activity center. The project will provide 19 percent reduction in daily traffic along Chastain Road at the I-75 interchange along with congestion relief, improved access from KSU to the Northwest Corridor Managed Lanes access ramps at Big Shanty and the GRTA/CCT park and ride lots and pedestrian and bicycle access between KSU and the stadium. The project is expected to break ground in early 2014 with an estimated cost of $17 million, partially funded by SPLOST, state and federal grants.

2013 has been an active and productive year for the PARKS team managing projects under the 2011 PRCA SPLOST program. The entire program is comprised of an $82 million dollar PRCA SPLOST budget with 172 projects in 50 of our parks and facilities. To date, we have completed 15 percent of these projects and have another 68 percent in design or under construction.

To make the available funding go as far as possible, PARKS staff is directly involved in many of the construction activities, ranging from roof replacements to painting to laser grading and athletic field construction. The majority of work continues to be in selecting and managing the efforts of a variety of professional architecture/engineering firms and construction contractors, remaining on budget and on schedule. An added challenge is to perform this work safely in our parks with the least possible disruption to the athletic schedules and activities of our users and volunteers.

A few examples of the projects completed during 2013:

Cross Tie Retaining Wall Replacement
Because they represented potential safety issues, PARKS tackled several of these projects early in the program. The treated wooden cross tie retaining walls had deteriorated in many of our older parks, and have been replaced with modular block walls designed to last for decades. Wallace Park and Lions Park in Mableton and Perry Parham Park and Fullers Park in Marietta are complete. Design is underway for the Rhyne Park project in Smyrna. In the case of Fullers Park, the project included the addition of 38 needed parking spaces on pervious concrete.

Scoreboard Replacement
PARKS has replaced nearly all of the scoreboards on our baseball, softball and football fields. The old scoreboards were obsolete, not energy efficient, and therefore extremely expensive to maintain and operate. SPLOST funding allowed PARKS to replace these boards with wireless LED boards, expected to recover their cost in three to five years through electricity savings alone. The new boards have delivered an immediate improvement for players, coaches and spectators in these parks.

Noonday Creek Park
Working with the volunteer football and soccer associations active in this park, staff identified a number of significant improvements made possible by SPLOST funding. All active fields have been re-graded to improve drainage, have had new sod installed, and two previously ungraded practice areas have been made safer. Field lighting and electrical wiring improvements were also completed. PARKS staff repaired and rehabilitated three buildings at the park. Taken together, these projects have greatly improved the safety, playability and appearance of Noonday Creek Park for all of its visitors.

Aquatic Center Improvements
Following the major success of our 2012 renovation at the Mountain View Aquatic Center, we have undertaken similar projects at the Central Aquatic Center, South Cobb Aquatic Center and West Cobb Aquatic Center. In these cases, the project scope includes painting the interiors of these indoor swimming facilities, installing new plaster on pool surfaces and other needed repairs. Indoor air quality improvements similar to those completed at Mountain View are now complete at South Cobb and underway at West Cobb.

Various projects
The Property Management Department restored or replaced 12 roofs on county buildings with 2011 SPLOST funding. It also replaced heating and air conditioning systems at 12 facilities with 2011 SPLOST funding.

SPLOST helped Public Safety purchase 18 Zoll Medical X-Series monitor/defibrillators with capability of external cardiac pacing, 12-Lead ECG interpretation and transmission and carbon monoxide/oxygen/carbon dioxide oximetry at a cost of $522,827.

Public Safety removed outdated sprinkler piping in Fire Stations 15 and 25, replaced with up-to-date sprinkler system at a cost of $31,078. It also replaced 37 apparatus bay doors at various fire stations at a cost of $174,104. Both projects were funded by SPLOST.