Cobb County Government

DA Vic Reynolds hosts monthly 'Gavel to Gavel' show

DA Vic Reynolds has resurrected the Cobb TV show "Gavel to Gavel" to help citizens understand the judicial systems in our county. The 30-minute videos feature a different guest each month.

Watch here:

September 2017:

May 2016:

October 2015:

June 2015, with guests ADAs Susan Treadaway and Hannah Palmquist, on the Special Victims Unit:

March 2015, with guest ADA Kim Schwartz, on Accountability Courts:

Feb. 2015, with guest Sherwin Figueroa, Assistant District Attorney:

Dec. 2014, with guest Jeffrey Hamby, Juvenile Court Judge:

Nov. 2014, with guest Kim McCoy, Director of the Victim Witness Unit in the Cobb DA's Office:  

Oct. 2014, with guest Kelli Wolk, Cobb County Probate Court Judge:

Sept. 2014, with guest Angie Davis, Cobb State Court Clerk:

Aug. 2014, with guest Barry Morgan, Cobb County Solicitor General: