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Watershed Stewardship Program
Connecting Community to Local Ecology 


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The video series Eco-Logical…Tips to Reduce Your Footprint highlights pollution prevention topics to help address water quality. This series provides information on how individual actions impact water quality and presents simple ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

Tips to Reduce Your Footprint...With Septic Systems
This episode focuses on maintenance of onsite sewage management systems.

Tips to Reduce Your Footprint...Household Hazards, part one and part two
This two-part episode defines household hazardous waste and educates consumers about product labeling, storage, and exposure. 

Tips to Reduce Your Footprint...In Your Kitchen
This episode highlights tips for proper disposal of Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG).

Tips to Reduce Your Footprint...With Your Pets
This episode focuses on ways to spoil your furry friends while being environmentally conscious.

Tips to Improve Your Footprint...On The Road
This episode explains the water quality impact of improperly disposed of tobacco and tobacco-related products.

Tips to Improve Your Footprint...Water 101 & Wastewater 101
These two-part episode provides information about Cobb County's Drinking Water & Wastewater System and what you can do to help ensure healthy water.

Check back for new episodes!  Visit Discover Healthy Habits for more about these programs.