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Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia
EEA was established in 1990 to serve as a professional education and networking association for environmental educators throughout Georgia.

EE in Georgia
The clearinghouse for environmental education in Georgia.

National Park Service – Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
You can float, fish, or play in 48 miles of river as it flows through the northern suburbs of Atlanta. Explore one of the 15 land units strung like emeralds along the river.

Keep Cobb Beautiful
Keep Cobb Beautiful is a nonprofit organization created for the purpose of "assisting the County and Board of Commissioners in establishing, promoting and maintaining a countywide policy for improved environmental and waste management."

Cobb County Extension Office
Cobb County Extension provides training, programs, resources and services in agriculture and the environment.

Cobb P.A.R.K.S.  – Natural Resources Unit
Whether you want outdoors for exercise, education or adventure, we have something just for you.







Rivers Alive
Georgia's waterway cleanup program.

Georgia Adopt-A-Stream
Georgia Adopt-A-Stream strives to provide access to technical information and assistance to citizens interested in preserving and restoring the banks and vegetation along their waterways.

Georgia Project WET
Providing training for formal and non-formal educators and facilitators through water education workshops, promote water education throughout the state, and provide materials and support to all those who participate.

Georgia River Network
Healthy Rivers for All Georgians is Our Goal. As the voice of Georgia's rivers, we help everyone enjoy, connect with and advocate for economically vital and clean flowing rivers.

Coosa River Basin Initiative
CRBI is based in Rome, Georgia with the mission of informing and empowering citizens to protect, preserve and restore North America's most biologically diverse river basin.

Chattahoochee Riverkeeper
CRK's mission is to advocate and secure the protection and stewardship of the Chattahoochee River, its tributaries and watershed, in order to restore and preserve their ecological health for the people and wildlife that depend on the river system.

Upper Etowah River Alliance
UERA provides regional leadership, resources, consultation, training and educational materials to protect, conserve, and enhance the natural resources of the Upper Etowah River Basin for present and future generations.

Georgia Association of Water Professionals
GAWP educates and assists those who have an interest in the proper management and protection of Georgia's water resources. GAWP provides professional development and promotes sound public policy in the water resources and related environmental fields.

Metro North Georgia Water Planning District
MNGWPD establishes strategies for water supply and conservation, watershed and wastewater management for the Atlanta metropolitan region.






Monarchs Across Georgia
MAG works together with teachers, students, families, communities, businesses and others to study Monarch butterflies and restore butterfly habitat across the state.

Emory University's De Roode Lab
...studies ecology and evolution of parasites and their hosts as well as the genetics of monarch butterfly migration.

University of Georgia - Monarch Health
Monarch Health is a citizen science project to track the prevalence of the protozoan parasite Ophryocystis elektroscirrha (OE) in monarch butterflies.

University of Kansas - Monarch Watch
Find information about the biology of monarch butterflies, their spectacular migration, and how to use monarchs to further science education in primary and secondary schools. We engage in research on monarch migration biology and monarch population dynamics to better understand how to conserve the monarch migration. We also promote protection of monarch habitats throughout North America.






Cobb County Health Department
The Health Department provides information regarding

Georgia Conservancy
Through its focus on clean air and water, land conservation, coastal protection, growth management and education, the Georgia Conservancy works to develop solutions to protect Georgia’s environment and promote the stewardship of the state’s vital natural resources.

Nature Conservancy - Georgia
Protects Georgia's woods, waters and coast for future generations.

River of Words
An annual environmental poetry and art contest that connects kids to their watersheds.

A site geared towards high school students that addresses the "invisibility" of water.

U.S. Geological Survey
An in-depth explanation of the water cycle for middle and high school students, including links to supporting websites.

H2O Conserve
Calculate your water footprint.

Discover Life
An online, interactive enclyclopedia of living things around the world.

Nature Grid
This UK site offers an interactive exploration of ecology for elementary and middle school students.

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