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Frog Monitoring

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Cobb County watershed monitoring volunteers have been noting amphibian presence in local streams for a number of years. Of course, capturing a salamander or frog isn’t the only way to record the amphibian presence in an area. Learning to identify frog vocalizations and recording your observations is another way to collect data on amphibian populations.

Frogs and toads are considered to be bioindicators and provide an early warning of environmental degradation. Their populations are facing a world-wide decline as a result of many environmental factors. Cobb County is joining federal, state, and non-profit organizations around the country in recording the presence and monitoring the health of our frog and toad populations. Our volunteer monitors take an evening walk and complete a frog call survey once a week.

You can join our team and do your part in amphibian conservation by attending a training workshop. Please see our calendar for upcoming workshop dates.




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