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Watershed Stewardship Program
Connecting Community to Local Ecology 

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Lessons & Links provides teachers with water quality and ecology resources.

Water Quantity and Distribution
• Water Apple Analogy
• Earth Ball Activity
• Water Scarcity (K-2)
• Water Scarcity (2-4)

Water Quality
• Scoop the Poop Relay
• Fats, Oil, and Grease Relay

Water and Wastewater Treatment
• Drip and Drop video

Water & Culture
• Make A Rain Stick 

• Watershed in My Hand
• Watershed Tarp
• Edible Watersheds
• A Day in the Life of a Drop

Resource Management
• Student Ecoquiz
• Eco-Footprint & Eco-Handprint

Related Resources:
• Lending Library - teaching aids we have available for check out
• 3rd-5th grade outreach brochure
• Middle School & High School outreach brochure
• Clean Water Campaign


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