Cobb County Government

County Manager


David Hankersonhankerson d
County Manager

I just want to take time to highlight the quality of workers that Cobb County Government employs. We are blessed with some of the finest employees possible. They made our budget controls work by being able to provide high-quality service to the public with the available funds.

We strengthened our management team during 2014, filling every department head position. This will help increase our effectiveness as well as our ability to support our staff. We also opened an Employee Wellness Center, which offers free basic medical care to those covered under the county‚Äôs health plans.  This will help bring down health care costs and reduce the potential for health-related absenteeism.

I am proud of the professionalism Cobb employees demonstrate during emergencies such as the metro-wide blizzard that disrupted traffic throughout the county. They provided aid, food and shelter to stranded motorists and many workers went beyond their job descriptions to help everyone they could during the crisis.

Our workers not only provide their time to the community, they also give their hard-earned dollars. Many are part of the Friendship Club, which pools their paycheck donations to be provided to various area nonprofits. Since its inception in 1972, the club has raised millions for these organizations.

Cobb County employees work every day to improve the quality of life here. Please take a moment and join me in thanking them for the jobs they do on our behalf. Our community would not be the same without them.