Cobb County Government

Youth athletics in Cobb are conducted by volunteer organizations that use Cobb facilities for practices and games. The coordinators and manager of the department's Athletics Unit oversees these organizations. If you wish to become involved in an activity, please call or e-mail the association of your choice or contact a staff member of the Athletics Unit.

Athletics Unit

The Park's Athletic Unit works directly with volunteer organizations that provide quality youth and adult recreation programs in department facilities. These organizations offer a variety of activities from traditional athletics to specialized programs such as BMX racing and radio controlled airplanes. Each organization operates independently with a board of directors, program budget, and all are non-profit. The staff of the Athletics Unit serves as a liaison with these programs through the allocation of seasonal park-use agreements.

Volunteer organizations that provide programs in Cobb County Parks agree to abide by the rules set forth by the department and Cobb County.  These policies and procedures are set forth in the 'Park User Handbook', available for download here.

Below is general information regarding registrations and seasons.  Dates vary by youth organization.  Please go the the youth sport web page and find the youth association's information for specific league. To find contact information on all volunteer groups, you can download the 2018 President's List.


Sport Information
Over By
Baseball ( Spring ) December January March June
Baseball ( Fall ) July August September November
Basketball late August August / Sept. November March
Football/Cheerleading late June July August December
Softball ( Spring ) December January March June
Softball ( Fall ) July August September November
Soccer ( Spring ) December January March June
Soccer ( Fall ) June July August November
Track and Field (Spring) December January February May

Georgia Return to Play Act of 2013

The Georgia Legislature has approved House Bill 48, which shall be known as “Georgia Return to Play Act of 2013.” Effective January 1, 2014, organizations that offer youth athletic programs in Cobb County Parks will be required to educate youth athletes and their parents to understand the dangers of concussions in sports competitions and to be able to recognize when an athlete may have sustained a concussion. To better define the requirements of this law, each organization must make preparations to be in compliance with this bill. Organizations must do the following:

  • Concussion educational information must be provided to all coaches and officials.
  • Concussion educational information must be provided to all the athletes and their parents. The parent/legal guardian must sign an acknowledgement of receipt and the organization must keep this on file throughout the season.
  • Steps 1 & 2 must be completed prior to the athlete beginning any athletic activity in the program.
  • It is strongly encouraged that all coaches and officials of a youth activity complete an annual concussion recognition education course.

The Georgia Department of Public Health is referring everyone to the "Heads Up - Concussion in Youth Sports" program offered by the CDC. On this site, the following information is being provided to comply with the bill:

  • Parent/athlete information sheets in english and spanish
  • Program posters to have at your facilities
  • On-line training program for coaches/officials
  • Coach's clipboard sheets

Cobb County Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Affairs will have all the information posted on their website and strongly encourages everyone who has a child participating in youth sports to complete the on-line training course. The program takes about 45 minutes and provides a comprehensive look at recognizing the signs and symptoms a child will display when sustaining a concussion. A link to the program on the CDC website can be found here: CDC - Concussion Program.

The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that as many as 3.9 million sports-related and recreation-related concussions occur in the United States each year. Concussions in sports are a serious issue with long-term risks and complications if not treated properly. Always remember “When in doubt, sit them out”. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a concussion is the key factor as to whether a child should return to play, and the training program provides valuable information to assure the athlete is ready to enter back into the game safely.


Athletic Unit Staff

Manager - Jeff Crowder, CPRP  (770) 528-8821
Administrative Assistant - Sheila Kracala - (770) 528-8860

East Cobb District

Dorian Cameron - (770) 591-3162

Serving groups in Skip Wells (formerly Bells Ferry), Harrison, Noonday, Sandy Plains, Shaw, and Sweat Mountain Parks.

Brody Whitlock- (770) 591-3161

Serving groups in Fair Oaks, Fullers, Larry Bell, Milford, Mt. Bethel, Rhyne, Sewell, and Terrell Mill Parks.

West Cobb District

Jeff Abrams- (770) 528-8896

Serving groups in Big Shanty, Hubert, Kennworth, Lost Mountain, Mud Creek, Oregon, Pitner Road, and Tramore Parks.

Broddrick Archie- (770) 528-8892

Serving groups in Clarkdale, Hurt Road, Lions, Powder Springs, Sweetwater, Wallace, and Wild Horse Creek Parks.