Cobb County Government


Youth BMX (Bicycle Motorcross) in Cobb County is run by an independent volunteer organization - Cobb County BMX.  For information on the organization, how to become involved, and for races and events, visit their web site.

There are two tracks in the parks system, Wild Horse Creek and Noonday.

Cobb County BMX is sanctioned by the American Bicycle Association (ABA) and operate under the ABA Rules. To participate in racing at either track, you must join ABA. An annual membership will cost $45.00 for the first member. For more information regarding membership to Cobb County BMX, see their website.

For general information, contact parks staff in charge of the specific area:

Athletic Coordinators

Noonday Park - Dorian Cameron  (770) 591-3162 
Wild Horse Creek Park - Broddrick Archie  (770) 528-8892