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July - September 2018

Employee Recognition
January, February, March 2018

Congratulations to the following on their employment milestones!
5-Years of Service10-Years of Service15-Years of Service20-Years of Service25-Years of Service
Joshua Callahan William Beasley Cassandra Paden Jeff Cash Kevin Goldsberry
Eric Johnson Kristina Ha   Stacy Cromer Steven Grier
Michael Kahle Kenneth West   Luis Mayoral Stephen McCullers
  Donald Williams     Jimmy Merrill
        Susan Waters
        Byron Wood


Water System Birthdays


Erin Feichtner - 2
Ronald McNair - 2
Marcus Satchell - 2
Stacy Cromer - 4
Elizabeth Hamm - 5
Christopher Martin - 7
Adrian Morgan - 7
Greg Richardson - 11
Richard Richey - 11
Alex Brown - 12
Adam Sukeniek - 12
Michael Kull - 13
Khari Scott - 13
Jennifer McCoy - 17
Dominick Tyler - 17
Jim Barbaree, Jr. - 18
Sandra Arroyo-Castillo - 20
Jesse LeBoeuf - 20
Luis Mayoral - 21
Tami Baker - 22
Eduardo Pereira - 23
Richard Hurst - 24
Eric Johnson - 25
Chris Donohue - 26
Myles Parker - 26
Sabrina Pemberton-Piper - 26
Reggie Duncan - 27
Michelle Offutt - 28
Neal Lyons - 30
Johnny Rembert - 31


Nicholas Collar - 5
Christopher Thomas - 5
Tommy Baker - 6
Amar Persaud - 6
Darron Winkles - 6
Cassandra Paden - 7
Lamar Heisser - 8
Jeremy Flanagan - 9
Gregory Morrison - 10
Massoud Merhrjerdian - 12
Shannon McPherson - 12
Apollo Ndongi - 15
Cindy Thompson - 15
Bill Higgins - 18
Christina Moore - 18
Cara Mooty - 18
Christopher Peace - 18
John Blue - 19
Jim Leggette - 20
Kenny Lester - 23
Jimmy Merrill - 23
Edson Forbes - 23
John Flair - 25
James White - 25
Brian Calderon - 26
Deborah Estep - 28
Ernest Davidson - 28
John Blair - 29
Frankie Streeter - 29
Jamie Primm - 30
Michael Dobbins - 31
Guy Gray - 31
Calvin Spears - 31


Russ Garner, Jr. - 1
DeAntee Monroe - 2
Cory Conley - 2
Glenn Holley - 3
Felex Griffin Jr. - 3
Kevin Grumbein - 5
Colby Neely - 7
Dale Rhoden - 7
Tim Sims - 7
Ernest Earn - 8
Cynthia Foster - 8
Bob Herbick - 11
Harcourt Poitier - 14
Chad Earwood - 15
Justin Bryant - 15
Chad Paxson - 17
Diane Chew - 17
Stephen Jackson - 17
Roy Steenhoek - 17
Paul Buchanan - 18
Jeremiah Fennelly - 19
Michelle Steib - 20
Dan Ogle - 21
Ray Twymon - 22
Shayla Johnson - 22
Matthew Rose - 22
Leisa Creel - 23
Daniel Gunderman - 23
Luis Lora - 24
Robin Sanders - 26
Carl Biddy - 27
Jacob Griffin - 27
Michael Mills - 27
Edward Parker - 27
Jackie Garrett - 28
Mark Huey - 28
Eddie Taylor - 28
Jim Yagadics - 28
Bonnie Jones - 29

Roger Boss - Customer Service
Nicholas Collar - Engineering
Elijah Drayton - Engineering
Samantha Ferrance - Water Protection
Caleb Hardy - Water Protection
Malcolm Hayes - Customer Service
Amber Hines-Adkins - Water Protection
Zachary John - Customer Service
Danny McPherson - Customer Service
Gregory Morrison - Central Maintenance
Robert Phillips - Engineering
Khari Scott - Customer Service
John Siniard - Central Maintenance
Benjamin Teamer - Customer Service
Virma Velez - Administration

Thank You System Maintenance!

From Left: Richey Rich, Joseph Marshall, Frank Streeter, Jeffery Southerland, Zeb Holcomb, Ryan Coover, Glenn Holley, Jeremiah Fennelly, Jeremy Eaves, James Thorpe

The Watershed Stewardship Program would like to thank System Maintenance for participating in the Annual Children’s Water Festival on Tuesday, May 1st.

System Maintenance employees demonstrated how their equipment functioned and described the work they do to keep our environment healthy.

Thanks to all Water System Staff for working together to make this another successful, annual event!

guess who photo


guess who
Last quarter’s gUESS wHO was Susan Bishop from the Engineering Division.

To be one of our future gUESS wHO spotlights, send your baby pictures to Sabrina Pemberton-Piper, Communications Manager.

ESPYR New EAP Provider

Employee Assistance Plan

Online Access: password is cobbcounty The website offers educational screenings, assessments, videos, quizzes, courses, articles, financial calculators, child and elder care service locators and much more. You may even confidentially request EAP services from the site. Topics covered include:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Relationships and Parenting
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Personal and Professional Growth

Monthly, live webinars

To access the on-line services, please go to and sign in to the User Portal with the password: cobbcounty. Espyr app provides 24/7 access to resources including requesting services. Download the free app from iTunes or the Google Play Store, the code is: cobbcounty. For more information or to request services, please call 800-869-0276 or click here to visit website.

Reminders from Human Resources

  • You can access all of Cobb County’s Policies on iCOBB. Go to iCOBB, click on “Policies” and then select the subject you are interested in knowing more about. If you do not have access, please call Stacy Cromer, Department Personnel Representative at 770.419.6284 for assistance on any Human Resource question you might have.
  • If you get married or have a baby, you only have 30 days from the event to make changes to your insurance coverage. Contact your division representative for a Benefits Change form.

Retirement Calculator

An updated retirement calculator for the traditional plan has been added to the pension pages on the county’s external website (a calculator for the Hybrid Plan is in development). The calculator is to be used for estimation purposes only. It is not intended to reflect actual retirement calculations. HR should be contacted at 770.528.2534 to obtain detailed retirement information. Please see the pension document for options that may affect your retirement calculation.

Click here to download the formulated calculator

Request For Pension Estimates

The Request for Pension Estimate form has been updated due to the volume of pension estimate requests received. HR will send estimates to employees within 21 business days from receiving the request.

Also, if you are nearing retirement remember there is a 90-day notice required to commence retirement benefits. This becomes even more important for those planning to retire at year-end.

Click here to learn more about Employee Pension on the County's website

New HR-Self Service

Have you misplaced your W-2 and need another copy? No problem! Do you need to update your life insurance beneficiaries? No problem! Have you moved and need to update your address? No problem! Do you want to make changes to your taxes? No problem!

You can do all of that and more in Employee Self Service (ESS)!


ESS is a subset of Advantage HR (the HR/Payroll system). ESS allows you to view your personal information that is in the HR System from anywhere with internet access.

Paycheck Stubs X  
W-2 Tax Forms X  
Pay Summary X  
Deduction Summary X  
Personal Address, Phone Numbers, and Email Address X X
Work Address, Phone Numbers, and Email Address X X
Emergency Contacts X X
Federal Tax Withholdings/Allowances X X
State Tax Withholdings/Allowances X  
Past Performance Ratings X  
Tax Levies & Garnishments X  
Benefits Enrollment X  
Life Insurance Benefits X X

Your username is your 6-digit employee ID number.
Your temporary initial password is your Employee ID number + last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.