Cobb County Government

January - March 2018

Employee Recognition
July, August, September 2017

Congratulations to the following on their employment milestones!
5 Years of Service 10 Years of Service 15 Years of Service 25 Years of Service
Casaleno Montalvan
Luis Castellanos Joe Pino Debra Whatley Lawrence Elery
D’mon LaBranch Michael Dobbins Matthew Allison Gloria De La Cruz Michelle Bailey
Jeffery Wheeler Richard Heying Michael Roper   Robert Woody

GAWP 2018 Academic Scholarships

The Georgia Association of Water Professionals maintains three separate scholarship funds and awards seven scholarships each year. Each of these funds is intended to assist deserving students in their further training and education after high school. A complete description of the scholarships and eligibility requirements as well as the 2018 Scholarship Application, will be available on their website (

Completed applications and supporting materials must be mailed (faxed and emailed applications will not be accepted) to GAWP by February 28, 2018, at the following address:

Georgia Association of Water Professionals
Attn: Scholarship Committee
1655 Enterprise Way
Marietta, GA 30067
• GAWP Undergraduate Scholarship • William J. Greene, Jr. Scholarship • Philip R. Karr, III Scholarship
• GAWP Frontline Undergraduate Scholarship • The Greene Frontline Scholarship in Memory of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Greene, Jr.  
• GAWP Graduate Scholarship    
• GAWP H2Opportunity Undergraduate Scholarship    

For more information and scholarship details, please call 770.618.8690.

Georgia Section AWWA

The Georgia Section of the American Water Works Association (GAWWA) awards two $1,500 non-renewable scholarships annually. Scholarships are awarded to individual members of GAWWA or their children. These scholarships are designated as follows:
  • One Scholarship will be awarded to a high school graduate for studies at a four-year college or university or at a vocational, technical or trade school.
  • One scholarship will be awarded to a college student currently enrolled in a four-year college or university or at a vocational, technical or trade school.
Application for a GAWWA scholarship must be made on the GAWWA Scholarship Application Form, available on the GAWWA website ( in the About GAWWA Section). Completed applications must be mailed (no emailed or faxed applications will be considered) by March 1, 2018.

Water System Birthdays


Antonio Thomas - 1
Cedric Deloney - 3
Jeannie Hayden - 4
James Lee - 5
Ellis Swanson - 5
Ron Watson - 5
Dennis Smith - 8
Brian Camp - 9
Marshall Garrison - 10
Leslie Baggett - 12
Troy Norton - 12
Pathenia Freeman - 17
Kevin Kellett - 18
Julia Frost - 18
Brian Kim - 19
David Mason - 19
Christopher Clay - 20
Parker Hoekstra - 20
Stewart Cunningham - 21
Alfonso Kiwi - 21
Stan Hicklin - 22
Eric Olsen - 23
Quincy Ross - 23
Travis Neumuller - 24
Kenneth West - 24
Steven Grier - 25
Dwight Hubbard - 25
Marvin Richards - 25
Linda Lowery - 25
Donnie Price - 25
Erik Nansteel - 25
Katrina Dunn - 27
Gerald Catron - 28
James Gentner - 28
Christopher Cochran - 31
Stephen Leonard - 31
Casey Hogan - 31
Bradley McEntyre - 31


Mihirkumar Shah - 1
Christy Bristol - 2
Michael Zampella - 3
Matthew Huddleston - 4
Darius Bungy - 4
Dennis Tant - 5
Jeffrey Cash - 6
Stephen Moore - 6
Debra Whatley - 6
Marlan Goines-Ballard - 7
Jeffery Wheeler - 7
Christopher Henning - 8
Cecil Lucas - 8
Tamatha Papadeas - 8
Edward Shannonhouse - 8
Roxane Rush - 9
Patrick Ivey - 10
Nancy McGregor - 10
Scott Martin - 10
Taylor Dove - 10
Basir Jones - 11
Thomas Hewitt - 12
Charles Scott - 12
Michael Williams - 12
Emily Steeves - 13
Leon Callahan - 15
Ryan Coover - 16
Sandra Cranshaw - 17
Karen Smith - 17
Michael Montoya - 20
Kimmie Anderson - 21
Bryan Abernathy - 21
Joseph Marshall - 24
Matthew Allison - 25
Nestor Rodriguez - 26
Gary Van Ness - 26
Lawrence Elery - 27
Donald Kramer - 27


Bob Bourne - 1
Russell Burchfield - 2
Amy Chambers - 6
Britni Whittaker - 3
Triston Carlisle - 4
Julia Van Ness - 4
Betty Martin - 5
Amy Chambers - 6
Torri Thomason - 6
Timothy Alderman - 7
Richard Finn, Jr. - 7
Natasha Watson-Brown - 7
Susan Waters - 9
Gene Poag - 9
Brian Blakenship - 9
David Hadley - 11
Andy Wallace - 12
Joshua Lamb - 13
Randy Harber - 15
Elizabeth Lehner-Sanchez - 15
John Bodine - 17
Daryl Sawyer - 17
Terrence Smith - 20
Rich Wittman - 25
Edward Campuzano - 26
Charles Petrea - 26
Robert Woody - 26
David Breaden - 27
Mark Short - 27
Jarvis Bailey - 29
Bakari Green - 30
Keith Kellet - 31

Isaiah Banks - System Maintenance

Paul Buchanan - Water Protection
Russell Burchfield - Customer Service
Katrina Dunn - Environmental Compliance
Joseph Garland - Central Maintenance
Jacob Griffin - System Maintenance
Parker Hoekstra - South Cobb WRF
Francis Ironjo - Noonday WRF
Michael Leverett - System Maintenance
Ronnie Merkin - Customer Service
Erik Nansteel - Noonday WRF
Veta-Violeta Sabou - Environmental Compliance
Barry Smith - Customer Service


In December 2017 Mike Pieklik, Water Protection, retired with 27 years of service. Best of luck in your retirement Mike!

See the sign, win a shirt!

Be the first to email with the name of the creek and watershed basin for the volunteer group of the quarter and win a WSP T-shirt.

For example, last quarter’s group was SG5. Congratulations to Chris Henning for being the first to submit that SG5 monitors Nickajack Creek in the Chattahoochee Watershed.

For this quarter’s contest, look for: OLDE MAN OF THE CREEK. Email with the creek name and watershed name for volunteer group “OLDE MAN OF THE CREEK” Good luck!

guess who photo


Be the first to guess who this Water System employee is and win a prize. To make your guess, email

To be one of our future gUESS wHO spotlights, send your baby pictures to Sabrina Pemberton-Piper, Communications Manager.

Congratulations Kimmie Anderson, Customer Service, for guessing the last quarter’s gUESS wHO, Tara Carter, Jacobs CMS.

ESPYR New EAP Provider

Employee Assistance Plan

For Information or confidential assistance call: 800-869-0276

Online Access: password is cobbcounty

The website offers educational screenings, assessments, videos, quizzes, courses, articles, financial calculators, child and elder care service locators and much more. You may even confidentially request EAP services from the site. Topics covered include:

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Relationships and Parenting
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Monthly, live webinars

Espȳr app provides 24/7 access to resources including requesting services.

Download the free app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. Your code is: cobbcounty

Retirement Calculator

An updated retirement calculator for the traditional plan has been added to the pension pages on the county’s external website (a calculator for the Hybrid Plan is in development). The calculator is to be used for estimation purposes only. It is not intended to reflect actual retirement calculations. HR should be contacted at 770.528.2534 to obtain detailed retirement information. Please see the pension document for options that may affect your retirement calculation.

Click here to download the formulated calculator

Request For Pension Estimates

The Request for Pension Estimate form has been updated due to the volume of pension estimate requests received. HR will send estimates to employees within 21 business days from receiving the request.

Also, if you are nearing retirement remember there is a 90-day notice required to commence retirement benefits. This becomes even more important for those planning to retire at year-end.

Click here to learn more about Employee Pension on the County's website

Reminders from Human Resources
  • You can access all of Cobb County’s Policies on iCOBB. Go to iCOBB, click on “Policies” and then select the subject you are interested in knowing more about. If you do not have access, please call Stacy Cromer, Department Personnel Representative at 770.419.6284 for assistance on any Human Resource question you might have.
  • If you get married or have a baby, you only have 30 days from the event to make changes to your insurance coverage. Contact your division representative for a Benefits Change form.