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October - December 2017
The Future of Water: Owning Our Story

This article is the written transcript of a speech made by Kathy Nguyen, Cobb County Water System Water Efficiency Program Manager.

Recently, I was asked to talk about the future of the water industry. I chose not to talk about the many challenges and opportunities that come to mind like infrastructure, rate affordability, sustainable water supply, increasing regulations, brain drain, and contaminants of concern. I wanted to focus on the real future of water, you. In my mind, the future of water is about us taking back our own story and telling it over and over until everyone understands the enormous value that we provide every day.

In the last few years a story has been told, but not by us. NRDC, Pur Water Filters, even Web MD are telling a story. This story may get a lot of press. People may be buying into it. This is not our story. What happened in Flint was a tragedy, but it does not define our industry. A young colleague told me she has a friend in the water and wastewater industry who makes up jobs when asked what he does because when he said I work in water they just glazed over and walked away. Of course, I would have followed them and explained why this is the most essential industry to their way of life. Instead of that, I will just try and give you a better answer to that question.

Look around the office today. How lucky are you that when you come in to work you get to work alongside a community hero. I know you may be thinking, “I don’t think so I work them every day and that can’t be true.” But just trust me. We are all everyday water heroes. Look at what we do. Preserving and protecting the environment, making sure there is clean water for diverse habitats and the enjoyment of our citizens. You are the literal foundation of our community. The pipes and plants are the lifeblood of our community. Everything that happens here is built upon it. Our work is the reason our community exists.

The economic prosperity in our community is a direct result of what we do. We are what takes Cobb County from some geographic point on a map to a beloved place we hold in our heart. We make it home. Because of us, children get up and go to school, they pursue an education instead of collecting dirty water.

What do we do? We enable audacious dreams. We make every medical advancement possible and create a healthier community. We ensure there is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty. Because of us, a 13-year-old girl did not have to drop out of school because there was no safe and available sanitation. People talk about the haves and the have-nots and they think that it is about money. The ultimate divide between the haves and have-nots is water.

Just imagine life without us. In my water future, every water provider would walk around with this air of quiet confidence “you’re welcome.” Sitting in a meeting about a new project you just walk in silently thinking, “You’re welcome. Yes, we are here because of me.” Give a little nod. I want to see every water provider strolling through their grocery store nodding as citizens walk by, “getting an orange… you’re welcome. Yes, I made that possible.” This is your story. What did you do today? You made sure that 4,000 kids did not die from exposure to waterborne disease.

A picture hangs in my office. It is a recreation of Indian citizens surrounding an empty well, from National Geographic water edition they did about 7 or 8 years ago. I remember a meeting where we were having some heated discussion about some “immediate crisis”. I had this National Geographic with me and I flipped it open to this picture and said “everything we are talking about is a luxury. The reality of what we do is that we stand in the gap between our citizens and them. That is what we do every day. Every other conversation we have about water and wastewater is a luxury not afforded to hundreds of millions of people.We stand in the gap.” I look at that picture every day. On my best day, I look at it and think “I can’t believe I get to do this every day.” On my worst day, when I might be known to stand in the middle of the office and say, “Doesn’t anyone want to thank us for providing them with clean drinking water and safe sanitation?” I look at that picture and think, “they just don’t know. I can’t believe I get to do this every day.”

So, if none of our citizens have said it. If your family does not rush to surround you at the end of the day like the conquering hero you are. “Thank you. Thank you for standing in the gap. Thank you for all of it.” In closing all those issues we talked about that we mull over and worry about. They are going to be just fine. The future of water is bright and once you own the story and let the secret out there is not stopping you.

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Kathy Weathington - 9
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Tina Owens - 11
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Kelli Phillips - 13
Judy Jones - 14
Mark Maddox - 14
Larry Ford - 15
Michelle Bailey - 15
Steve McCullers - 16
Gordon Fleming - 17
Jennifer Thomas - 17
Donald Williams - 19
Sean Murray - 22
Eddie Williams - 23
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Jabori Battle - 24
Richard Heying - 24
Laura Williams - 25
Jeffrey Richart - 26
John Henson - 28
Oscar Tromp - 31
William Beasley, Jr. - 31


Timothy Kelley - 2
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Jennifer Longman - 5
Jacob Weeks - 5
Zebulon Holcomb - 7
Gwen Baldwin - 10
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Matthew Machado - 11
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Darshaun Johnson - 1
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Tonise Williams - 4
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Susan Rich - 6
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William Wilson - 7
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Cristino Casaleno-Mont - 12
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George Camp - 13
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Joyce Key - 14
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Lance Hightower - 16
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Michael Leverett - 18
Timothy Johnson - 19
Nia Williamson - 20
Steven Nestor - 21
Christine Rubel - 22
Michael Dial - 26
Harold Huffman - 27
Carolyn Miller - 29

Duane Barrant - Meter Maintenance
Cory Beals - Water Protection
Nathan Brown - System Maintenance
Russell Burchfield - Meter Maintenance
George Camp - System Maintenance
Taylor Dove - Environmental Compliance
Braxton Foster - System Maintenance
Daniel Griffin - System Maintenance
Marco Henderson - System Maintenance
Marcus Henderson - System Maintenance
Patrick Ivey - System Maintenance
Jonathan Jackson - R.L. Sutton WRF
Donomichie Lucier - System Maintenance
Matthew Machado - System Maintenance
Eduardo Pereira - System Maintenance
Christine Rubel - Administration
Rick Ruiz - Noonday WRF
James Tabe - South Cobb WRF
Antonio Thomas - System Maintenance

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