Cobb County Government

Georgia Department of Transportation selects 11 projects in Cobb with $41.8 million in funding matches

(Marietta, GA – Sept. 3, 2015) The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has issued letter of intent to issue matching funding commitments for 11 projects in Cobb County in an effort to alleviate congestion and improve mobility in the northwest corridor.

The matching funds, totaling $41.8 million, will provide state dollars for the following transportation projects:

•Cobb Parkway at I-285 Westbound off-ramp & Spring Road/Circle 75: $4.7 million
•Windy Ridge Parkway at Cobb Parkway: $750,000
•Windy Ridge Parkway from Circle 75 to Interstate North Parkway with bridge widening: $7.75 million
•1-285 Eastbound Ramp at Cobb Parkway: $550,000
•Interstate North Parkway from Interstate North Circle to Windy Ridge Parkway, including intersection $4.5 million
•Areawide – Variable Message Boards: $5 million
•Areawide – CCTV Cameras: $2 million
•Areawide – Interstate Signs: $1 million
•Windy Hill-Terrell Mill Connector: $12 million
•Cumberland Boulevard from Akers Mill to Spring Road: $2.15 million

“We are extremely grateful for the partnership opportunities GDOT is considering with Cobb County in the northwest corridor area,” said Faye DiMassimo, Director, Cobb County Department of Transportation.

“Cobb County has a strong track record of aggressively leveraging funding opportunities available with our local, state and federal partners,” she continued. “From 2011 to date, we have received more than $177 million in state and federal support not inclusive of this request—nearly doubling what was received from 2006 to 2010. Several of these specific projects are programmed in our SPLOST and this will allow our dollars to go further.”

DiMassimo attributes Cobb’s success to two primary reasons: Cobb County’s local dollars that attract partnerships due to the SPLOST programs approved by voters and Cobb County’s history and proven track record of efficient and on-time project delivery.