Cobb County Government

New Bus Prototype Arrives at CobbLinc

Marietta, Ga. – Feb. 8, 2016 – CobbLinc, formerly known as Cobb Community Transit, is expecting the prototype of its new buses today. The bus is making a 2,500 mile trip from Northern California.

Last September the transit system announced its name change as part of a rebranding that was approved by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners.

CobbLinc Director Vida Covington anticipates the rebranding and buses will give the system a fresh, modern image and improved rider experience for its customers.

“The new buses will have on-board Wi-Fi capabilities and enhanced real-time passenger information systems that will lead to the development of a Mobile App, which we plan to introduce later this year. There are also improved safety functions for the customers and the operator,” Covington said.

Although the buses will come wired for Wi-Fi and mobile app abilities, the implementation process for both will come with CobbLinc’s new AVL system, which is targeted for installation this summer. The existing fleet consists of 101 buses. Thirty five new buses are being ordered, which will bring the new fleet total to 105 buses. Two of the 35 buses will be fueled with Compressed Natural Gas, a clean gasoline alternative that can emit up to 90 percent fewer emissions than gasoline.

“Thirty one of the new buses are replacements and four are for new service,” Covington added.

All of the buses are scheduled to arrive on site by late spring or early summer.