Cobb County Government

How much money is collected and where does it go?

Cobb County collects approximately $3.5 million dollars per year in franchise fees. These monies are deposited in the county’s general operations budget and are used along with other sources to support county government operations including Cobb’s Department of Transportation.

DOT is responsible for all work that is done in the rights-of-way around the county. Inspectors work with the county’s permitting office to monitor construction projects that involve digging and other types of construction in the rights-of-way. These projects include the underground delivery of natural gas, telephone, cable television, water and other fiber optics cable services.

Many underground utility lines run along county roads and require constant monitoring to prevent workers from damaging them. Cobb has been fortunate over the past couple of years and avoided major interruptions to utility services due to construction damage. Franchise fees are a part of the process that keeps all underground utility services undamaged and operational in the rights-of-way.