Cobb County Government

Coliseum and Exhibit Hall Authority (Cobb-Marietta)

Authorization: GA. Laws 1980, Act #1222, p. 4091 (March 16, 1980); Amended by GA. Laws 1981, Act #667, p. 4350 and GA. Laws 1986, p. 5549; Amended by GA. Laws 1991, p. 3531 (March 27, 1991); Ga. Laws 1993, Act #172, S.B. 389; Ga. Laws 1993, Act #112, H.B. 557.

Description: Created as a body corporate and politic and deemed to be a political subdivision of the State of Ga. and a public corporation. Generally the purpose of this Authority is to acquire, construct, equip, maintain and operate one or more projects consisting of multi-use coliseum and civic center type facilities to be used for a variety of activities (See Section 2(b) of Act). Consists of seven (7) members appointed as follows: Post 1 - Mayor of City of Marietta, Post 2 - Mayor of City of Smyrna, Post 3 - BOC appointee, Post 4 - Board of Parks and Recreation appointee required to be a Cobb County resident, Post 5 - Chairman of BOC, Post 6 and Post 7 - Appointed by the other five (5) members of the Authority and at least one (1) of these two appointees must be a Cobb County resident. Posts 1, 2 and 5 serve for duration of term in office. After initially staggered terms, Posts 3, 4, 6 and 7 serve for terms of four (4) years and until their successors are appointed. Four (4) members constitute a quorum. Members receive no compensation.

Board Members:
Steve Tumlin
Max Bacon
Bob Voyles
Johnny Gresham
Mike Boyce 
Jerry Nix
Tricia Pridemore

Contact Information:
Ellen McGonagil, Cobb Galleria Centre
(770) 955-8000