Cobb County Government


Mabry1Pamela L. Mabry
County Clerk
100 Cherokee Street, Suite 355
Marietta, GA 30090-9680

770-528-3325 fax




Mission Statement

To effectively manage the official records of the Board of Commissioners, in compliance with all relevant laws, rules and policies, ensuring the integrity and ease of accessibility of said records to the citizens and other interested parties, with a commitment to accuracy, professionalism and superior customer service.



Primary Duties

The County Clerk is the legally mandated guardian of all instruments of public record for the Cobb County Board of Commissioners (BOC). The County Clerk’s Office is primarily responsible for compiling and publishing the agenda of the regular meetings of the BOC and recording the actions taken in the official minutes.

Additionally, the County Clerk is the custodian of the Official Code of Cobb County and is responsible for the administrative review and compilation of all new ordinances and amendments adopted by the BOC, to ensure timely and accurate codification.

Note: The County Clerk’s Office is not affiliated with the judicial system.



Services Provided

  • Publish the agenda for the Regular Board of Commissioners (BOC) meetings
  • Record all acts, orders, and proceedings for the official minutes of the Regular BOC meetings, Planning Commission (PC) Zoning hearings, Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), BOC Zoning hearings, and Solid Waste Management Authority meetings
  • Evaluate and secure execution of official documents to ensure proper conduct of county business
  • Track BOC appointments to boards, authorities, and commissions
  • Certify information extracted from the official minutes and the Official Code of Cobb County
  • Agent of service for processing of lawsuits and annexations for the BOC
  • Maintain Rules of Procedure for BOC, PC, and BZA



Accessing Information

  • Agendas and minutes for the Regular BOC and zoning hearings are available in PDF formats, as well as a searchable version on the County Clerk’s webpage.
  • Instructions are available on the webpage for managing the information in different formats.
  • The Official Code of Cobb County is available on the web and includes search capabilities.
  • The County Clerk’s Office would like to encourage you to visit us on the web and explore the information available.



Description of Links

Agendas: current and past agendas for the BOC Regular meetings and Zoning hearings
Minutes: current and past minutes for BOC Regular meetings and Zoning hearings in a text format
Official Code of Cobb County: searchable version of the Code in text format
Boards and Authorities: a list of Boards and Authorities to which the BOC makes appointments



Boards, Authorities, and Commissions

Cobb County has over 40 boards, authorities, and commissions whose purpose is to assist with oversight, policy-making, and advisement to the various Cobb County departments. Membership is comprised of dedicated citizens appointed by the Board of Commissioners or by other municipalities and entities.

Cobb’s boards, authorities, and commissions are created by Georgia or County code, by resolution of the Board of Commissioners, or by the Georgia Legislature. The term lengths for members vary, but often run concurrent with the appointing commissioner. In 2007, the Cobb County Code was amended making members subject to the Ethics Code.

The Clerk’s Office maintains a database with the Board of Commissioners’ appointments to these various boards and authorities. Information tracked includes names, terms, descriptions and by what authority the board was created. Historical information regarding the boards and authorities is also housed in the County Clerk’s Office. For complete list, click here.

Note: For all other information on Cobb County government, please call 770-528-1000.