Cobb County Government



The Cobb Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department had a busy and productive 2012 serving the residents of Cobb County. Some of the highlights:

PRCA has greatly improved access and safety at East Cobb Park with the installation of a new sidewalk and set of concrete steps. The backstage “fly” system at Jennie T. Anderson Theater was replaced, improving its operation and safety. Planning is complete and construction will begin soon for the replacement of deteriorated cross-tie retaining walls at Fullers Park, Wallace Park and Lions Park.

Cobb County is proud to have hosted the 20th Annual Winter Indoor Games of the Special Olympics in 2012. The ceremony was held at the Cobb Civic Center and provides inspiration to families from all over Georgia.

Aided by the Recreation Board, the department established LIVE Cobb, Inc., a not-for-profit foundation created to raise funds to enhance the growth and development of county parks, recreational facilities, cultural arts facilities and programs.

The PRCA Natural Resource Management Unit planned and hosted an Outdoor Festival at Allatoona Creek Park (the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers property in Acworth). More than 200 people enjoyed demonstrations of hunting, archery and fishing, as well as birding and bicycling activities on the 1,450-acre property.

Again this past year, PRCA’s Harrison Tennis Center hosted the Girls and Boys National Open 16’s Tournament, which attracts some of the nation’s best players and their supporters from across the country.

PRCA continues to work closely with “Friends” groups – organizations of volunteers that help support and fund development and ongoing operations at several passive park areas around the county.

Cobb County PRCA’s efforts are supported by 77 volunteer associations who work hand in hand with departmental staff to provide some of the best recreational, sports and cultural programs and activities in the region. These continuing efforts serve to greatly enhance the quality of life for the residents of Cobb County.