Cobb County Government

Commission on Youth and Children

Authorization: This Commission was added to the list of boards, commissions and authorities in November 1998 and does not reflect previous members of the Commission appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Description: The purpose of the Commission is to improve the quality of life for the children and youth of Cobb County by identifying and evaluating their needs and involving the public and private sectors in efforts to meet those needs. The Commission’s role is to act as a facilitator in helping to coordinate and utilize existing resources for the community to expand and develop new programs. The Commission is authorized to receive, accept, and expend funds from public or private sources for programs to benefit the children and youth of Cobb County. The Commission consists of: each member of the Cobb County State House and Senate delegation shall appoint one member; six (6) members appointed by the Board of Commissioners (3 of whom shall reside in Commission Districts 1 and 4; and 3 of whom shall reside in Commission Districts 2 and 3); seven (7) members appointed by the judiciary of the Cobb County. The legislation contains no set term lengths nor method of appointee removal.

Board Members:
Maryellen Gomes
Laurie Chesshire
Ginger Collins
Lori Hullett
Penny Warren
Charlotte Stowers

Contact Information:
Penny Warren