Cobb County Government



Cobb County’s Department of Transportation has continued working towards completion of the 2005 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax, which included a six-year collection period that ended December 2011. DOT has started construction on more than 96 percent of the projects and completed construction on more than 93 percent of the 310 projects in the program.

For 2012, nine projects from the 2005 SPLOST, valued at nearly $8.3 million, were bid for construction with 11 projects remaining.

Key projects underway this past year from the 2005 SPLOST program:

Barrett Parkway
Construction continued in 2012 on this $21 million thoroughfare improvement project that widens 3.6 miles of Ernest Barrett Parkway from four lanes divided to six lanes divided from south of Burnt Hickory Road to Cobb Parkway (US Highway 41). Other project improvements include a ten-foot asphalt multi-use trail, a new pedestrian bridge, and traffic signal upgrades. The project is scheduled for completion in summer 2013.

Floyd Road
Construction on the $5.5 million Floyd Road safety and operational improvement project began in August 2012. The project will widen 1.1 miles of Floyd Road, from Clay Road to Hicks Road, to a standard four lanes divided consisting of two 11-foot wide travel lanes in each direction and a 20-foot wide grass median. A ten-foot-wide sidewalk will be constructed on the west side of the roadway and a five-foot-wide sidewalk will be constructed on the east side. The estimated completion date for the project is spring 2014.

Jamerson Road/Wigley Road
This $12 million safety and operational improvement project widened the 4.9 mile Jamerson Road /Wigley Road to four lanes divided from Canton Road to Lee Waters Road, and to three lanes from Lee Waters Road to Sandy Plains Road. Other enhancements included sidewalks and turn lanes at key intersections. The project was substantially completed in October 2012.

Lower Roswell Road
Construction activities on Lower Roswell Road increased in 2012. The Lower Roswell Road (East) project is an $8.6 million safety and operational improvement project from Davidson Road to Timber Ridge Road. The project adds four-foot bike lanes, eight-foot asphalt trail and five-foot sidewalks for the entire length of the project. Turn lanes will also be added at key intersections. The intersection of Lower Roswell Road, Timber Ridge Road and Willeo Road will be the location of the forth roundabout in Cobb County. Scheduled completion for this project is December 2013.

2011 SPLOST – Preserving Our Future
Collections for the four-year 2011 SPLOST began on January 1, 2012. DOT hit the ground running and is ahead of schedule for delivering projects in the 2011 SPLOST. In 2012, Engineering/Design started on 93 of the 122 identified projects in the program. Construction has begun on 39 projects with 22 projects reaching completion.

Cobb Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department staff has gotten off to a great start in planning systemwide improvements for our parks and facilities in the 2011 SPLOST program. The PRCA SPLOST team meets on a weekly basis to assign duties and check on progress. The team also participates in monthly meetings with the other departments involved in SPLOST: Department of Transportation, Property Management and Public Safety, in order to coordinate projects and deliverables in a unified fashion. The PRCA SPLOST program is overseen and directed by the Recreation Board, a citizens’ committee appointed by the Board of Commissioners, and also reports to the SPLOST Oversight Committee on a regular basis.

The largest PRCA SPLOST project completed to date resulted in major improvements at the Mountain View Aquatic Center. The project included installation of a state of the art system to address air quality issues at the indoor natatorium, as well as repainting the interior, resurfacing both swimming pools and other improvements. A ribbon cutting ceremony for the re-opening was held in October.

The department continues to build relationships with the National Park Service and the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design to develop plans and cooperative efforts for the rehabilitation and preservation at Hyde Farm. SPLOST funding will help to support the improvements at the farm starting in 2013.

Contracts have been awarded for architectural and engineering design services for major park improvements at 11 parks. In all, PRCA will be completing SPLOST funded projects in 50 parks and facilities throughout the county.

Key 2012 transportation projects from the 2011 SPLOST program:

Holly Springs Road at Davis Road
This $400,000 intersection safety and operational improvement project removed an existing multi-way stop that caused severe delays, along with the expedited construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Holly Springs Road and Davis Road. This project was completed during summer 2012 and was the first project completed for DOT using the design-build delivery method.

During 2012, the county awarded $18 million for six resurfacing contracts and one crack sealing contract as part of the 2011 SPLOST. When added to the three 2005 SPLOST resurfacing contracts awarded since October 2011, these contracts result in a total resurfacing of 537 streets (156 miles) within the County’s four commission districts. This represents a cumulative investment of $29.7 million in preserving county infrastructure.

Shiloh Road/Shallowford Road
Construction on the $11 million Shiloh Road/Shallowford Road safety and operational improvement project began in November 2012. The project will upgrade the existing roadway to two 11-foot wide travel lanes, add a 12-foot center turn lane, and provide turn lanes at major intersections on Shiloh Road/Shallowford Road, from Wade Green Road to Canton Road. In addition, bike-friendly lanes and sidewalk will be added to the corridor. The project construction duration is estimated at two years.

Woodland Brook Drive
This $800,000 roadway safety and operational improvement project consisted of drainage improvements and culvert replacement along Woodland Brook Drive in the vicinity of Brandy Station Drive. This project was completed during summer 2012.