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CobbLinc Paratransit Service

Paratransit service is a complementary curb to curb pick-up service for individuals who cannot ride the local fixed-route CobbLinc buses. Passengers must be certified to use paratransit service. The paratransit buses service a limited area of Cobb County. Please, see the Paratransit Map [PDF] to see if you reside within the service area.

For more information about paratransit please see the Paratransit Passenger’s Guide To see an application, download the Paratransit Application [PDF]. If you reside outside of the paratransit zone you may be eligible for the Mobility Voucher Program (18-59 years of age) or the Cobb Freedom Voucher Program (60+ years of age). See below for more information about these programs.

Paratransit Services Rider's Guide

Guaranteed Paratransit Service (in partnership with MARTA)




Wheel Chair/ Mobility Aid Lifts:

The vehicle lift has a design load of 800 pounds. However, CobbLinc may deny transportation if carrying the wheelchair and its occupant would be inconsistent with safety requirements. Any passenger may use the lift at any designated stop. Operators are instructed to deploy a lift, at the request of the passenger, to board or exit the vehicle. CobbLinc may refuse to board a passenger on the lift if the lift or vehicle is unable to accommodate the mobility aid and its user, consistent with legitimate safety requirements.


For passenger safety and comfort while traveling on CobbLinc, the following procedures are required:

For safety purposes, CobbLinc recommends that passengers back their wheelchair onto the lift. Forward boarding is allowed. Lock brakes, if applicable, while on the lift. Turn off electric power on the wheelchair. The operator will instruct the passenger when to reengage the power. Please wait for the operator’s assistance and follow instructions when entering or exiting the vehicle.


CobbLinc cannot transport passengers with inoperative mobility devices. All wheelchairs and scooters must be secured. Any passenger refusing to have their wheelchair or scooter secured will not be transported.



For more information please call:

Reservations: 770-427-2222

Customer Service: 770-427-4444

Paratransit Manager: 770-428-1218

TDD: 770-419-9183



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