Cobb County Government

Field Operations

The field operation is under the direction of Billy Mayfield, Field Operations Manager, and two road supervisors.

The field operation is a 24 hour a day operation. There is an officer always available to handle animal related complaints. There are two crews. One crew works the first part of the week and the other crew works the second half of the week. Each crew has a day shift and morning shift.

The day shift is divided up geographically to cover the county in the most efficient way. The two morning watch officers cover the entire county.


The officers assigned to the field have the responsibility of keeping the public and the animals safe. The officers respond to a multitude of calls such as: cruelty, barking, animal attacks, animals running loose, injured animals, and barking animals.

Animal Control generally does not respond to complaints about wildlife. Animal Control will however respond if the wild animal is injured or has bitten someone. There are things that a homeowner can do to deter wild animals from coming around their property.

Field Coverage

Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm - 770-499- 4136
Monday thru Friday 5pm to 9am –770-499-3911
Sunday, Saturday, and Holidays - 770-499-3911