Cobb County Government

Sec. 10-121. - Cruelty to animals.

(a) Any person who abuses an animal, or aids another person in abusing an animal, or causes or permits an animal to abuse another animal, by acting or failing to act, shall be in violation of this chapter. Cruelty to an animal includes but is not limited to:

  • (1) Willful neglect as defined by this chapter;
  • (2) Failure to provide reasonable remedy or relief for any injured or diseased animal;
  • (3) Overloading, overdriving;
  • (4) Beating, torturing, tormenting or mutilating;
  • (5) Abandonment;
  • (6) Killing any animal or causing the same to be done;
  • (7) Failure to maintain adequate care;
  • (8) Failure to provide adequate food;
  • (9) Failure to provide adequate water;
  • (10) Failure to provide adequate shelter;
  • (11) Failure to provide adequate bedding;
  • (12) Failure to provide adequate primary enclosure;
  • (13) Failure to provide adequate exercise;
  • (14) Failure to provide adequate space;
  • (15) Failure to maintain sanitary conditions;
  • (16) Failure to provide adequate ventilation;
  • (17) Failure to provide adequate temperature control;
  • (18) Hording or collecting animals as defined by this chapter;
  • (19) Owning, managing, obtaining, confining or caring for any number of animals in an animal mill as defined by this chapter; or
  • (20) Otherwise treating any animal in a cruel or inhumane manner;

(b) Exceptions:

  • (1) Licensed veterinarians who perform surgery or euthanasia and CCAC personnel who euthanize animals under the direction of the CCAC manager per the guidelines of the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association, Georgia Department of Agriculture and this chapter are not in violation of this chapter.
  • (2) A person shall not be guilty of cruelty when the person is protecting his life, the life of another person or animal that is being attacked by an animal that is attempting to severely harm or kill him, provided that the person being attacked is not committing a crime or is not aggravating or inciting the animal to attack, and has not aggravated, injured, abused, or assaulted the animal in the past.

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