Cobb County Government

Sec. 10-121.2. - Abandonment of a domestic animal.

(a) Any person who engages in any behavior or activity defined as "abandonment (abandonment of an animal)" under section 10-1, shall be in violation of this chapter.

(b) Exception: An animal that is deserted when premises are temporarily vacated for the protection of human life during a disaster or emergency hospitalization shall not be regarded as abandoned under this article where the owner or custodian lacked sufficient time or resources to make reasonable arrangements for the adequate care and custody of the animal.

(c) Exception: An animal relinquished through a written agreement with CCAC, the Humane Society of Cobb County, other licensed rescue group, licensed veterinarians, individual, or other entity shall not be deemed abandoned but shall be considered relinquished to the entity.

(d) Exception: An animal left unattended when its sole owner dies shall not be deemed abandoned, and shall be impounded by CCAC until CCAC can locate a family member to take custody of the animal. If a family member cannot be located, then the animal will be held in compliance with section 10-67 of this chapter.

(Ord. of 9-23-80, § 23; Ord. of 6-11-85; Ord. of 10-24-89; Code 1977, § 3-5-21; Ord. of 5-24-05)