Cobb County Government

Sec. 10-121.3. - Fighting of animals.

(a) No animal shall be used for fighting.

(b) No animal shall be used to train other animals to fight.

(c) No animal shall be used as bait to encourage aggressive or fighting behavior in other animals.

(d) No person shall own, possess, keep, harbor, train, lend, borrow, or handle any dog, cat, bird/fowl, or other domestic, feral or wild animal with the intent that such animal shall be engaged in any animal fight/fight training, exhibition of animal fighting or being used as bait for fighting/aggressive animals.

(e) No person shall train, assist, umpire/referee or in any way participate in the training of any animal to be used for animal fighting or used as bait or for animal fighting, or torment, badger or bait any animal for the purpose of fighting or blood sport training or any other such activity, the primary purpose of which is the training/conditioning of animals for aggressive or vicious behavior or animal fights or exhibitions of fighting animals.

(f) No person shall charge admission to, participate in, or be present as a spectator, handler, timekeeper, referee, guard, etc. at any animal fight/battle.

(g) No person shall profit from any activity connected with any animal fight or exhibition of animals fighting or training, or competitions or matches of fighting animals.

(h) Any animal found to be used in violation of subsections (a), (b), (c), (d) or (e) of this section will be immediately confiscated by CCAC.

(Ord. of 5-24-05)