Cobb County Government

Sec. 10-135. - Selling/giving away of animals; use of animals as prizes.

Selling or giving away animals in front of or on private property or public property, other than the animal owner's property, without the owner's permission, is prohibited. A licensed rescue group, licensed animal shelter, licensed veterinarian, licensed pet dealer, or licensed humane society which has all required governmental licenses, registrations and has obtained permission from the owner of the business or property, may sell or give away animals on private or public property, including but not limited to: retail stores, businesses, flea markets, yard sales and CCAC property.

(Ord. of 9-23-80, § 21; Ord. of 6-11-85; Ord. of 10-24-89; Code 1977, § 3-5-19; Ord. of 5-24-05)