Cobb County Government

Informational Resources

Our centers are also sources of continually updated information on Cobb County events and activities. Each center has a wide assortment of county and community publications and brochures.

Informational resources include:

  • General information about county services
  • Newcomer information
  • Reference copies of Agendas and Minutes of the Board of Commissioners and Planning and Zoning meetings
  • Voter registration forms and absentee voter applications
  • Job announcements for Cobb County Government positions
  • Cobb County Library System book returns
  • Educational brochures from the University of Georgia Extension Service
  • Handicap parking applications (processed by the County Tag Offices)
  • U.S. Passport and Social Security card applications (processed by the U.S. Postal Service and Social Security Administration respectively)
  • U.S. postage stamp sales
  • Free notary service