Cobb County Government

Walton Communities Committed to Safety Education

walton communities. Marietta, GA  – Walton Communities showed it commitment to the mission of providing safety and prevention education to all residents of Cobb. In 2013, Walton donated $30,000 to the Cobb County Safety Village and also built a two-story apartment complex that represents their own communities. The first development in the Safety Village’s residential section was unveiled May 16.

“Walton Communities is honored to be involved in the Cobb Safety Village,” Matt Teague, development manager, said. “We place a high priority on education and community involvement and the Safety Village is the perfect blend of these initiatives. Our strong relationships with our vendors made our participation possible and we are grateful for their support.”

“The interactive back portion of the village, run by the Safety Village Foundation, is completely funded by donations,” Allison Carter, safety village coordinator, said. “When community partners such as Walton Communities get involved, 100 percent of their dollars go directly to providing facilities for teaching hands on health, safety and prevention education to our students.”

Cobb Safety Village is a dynamic training environment for families to learn about crime prevention, fire safety, pedestrian safety and disaster preparedness. Small-scale representations of community streets and businesses help interactive learning. Built on an eight-acre site, it is the most comprehensive safety training environment in the region.

Walton Communities is a privately-held company based in Marietta. The company was named “Walton” after the television program, “The Waltons.” The television family represented the kind of tightly knit and traditional community the company strives to develop. Philanthropy and strong community partnerships are vital components of the company’s philosophy.