Cobb County Government

Emergency Medical Procedures

Every year 250,000 adult Americans die from cardiac arrest. The key to surviving a heart attack is based on the "Chain of Survival." Early defibrillation and advanced care are paramount. When you see a possible heart attack victim CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY and then begin CPR.

If you feel you may be suffering from a heart attack, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services has thoroughly trained Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians ready to assist you.

How to recognize a heart attack:
Not all of these symptoms occur in every heart attack. If any occur CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

  • Chest pain that lasts more than 3-5 minutes.
  • Pain that feels like a "pressure," "fullness," "squeezing," or "heaviness".
  • Pain that is located behind the breastbone and then spreads to the shoulder, neck, lower jaw, or down the arm. Sometimes the pain may even be felt in the back.
  • Lightheadedness, "feeling dizzy" during the pain.
  • Fainting, completely losing consciousness.
  • Sweating, breaking out in a cold sweat but without a fever.
  • Nausea, usually without vomiting.
  • Shortness of breath.