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Cobb County Government will open as usual Monday, but everyone is urged to use caution. Cobb and Marietta Schools are closed Monday.

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Phase I Site Assessment Request

All Phase I Site Assessment requests should be submitted via email to Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services at

The request must include:

  1. A complete street address (i.e. address number and street name)
  2. When possible, include the nearest cross street to the address
  3. Specific information that is being requested, i.e. under/above ground storage tanks, hazmat spills, fires, etc.

Requests cannot be processed with a parcel or land lot number.

Upon completion of a records search, an email acknowledgment of the results will be sent. If any record(s) are found they will not be provided unless a specific request of copies of record(s) is made. There are fees charged for copies of records. Fees are due prior to the release of the records.

For Phase I Requests involving Fire Code Data (i.e., Fire Code Violations, Inspections, etc.), the Fire Code Data request should be sent to

For more information about records requests and the official policy for Cobb County Fire and Emergency Services please see links above this section.

If you have any questions email