Cobb County Government

The County Clerk’s Office prepares the official minutes for the county’s zoning process and works in concert with the Zoning Division and Planning Division of the Community Development Agency. Minutes are prepared for the Planning Commission zoning hearings, the Board of Commissioners zoning hearings, and the Board of Zoning Appeals variance hearings. The minutes are housed in the County Clerk’s Office and are also made available on the webpage along with the meeting agenda.



For more specific information regarding zoning and planning, visit the Community Development Agency Homepage

  • To apply for a Rezoning, Variance, Land Use Permit, or Special Land Use Permit, please contact the Zoning Division.
  • For general questions regarding the current zoning of a property, contact the Zoning Division.
  • For questions regarding the Future Land Use Map and the Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Planning Division.
  • For all other development related questions, please contact Community Development.

Note: The County Clerk’s Office retains zoning minutes dated back to 1983. For minutes prior to 1983, please contact the Zoning Office.



Zoning Division Manager
John Pederson

Planning Division Manager
Jason Gaines

Community Development Agency
Dana Johnson, Director
Powder Springs Station
1150 Powder Springs Street, Suite 400
Marietta, GA 30064