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Pretrial Court Services

Pretrial Court Services is a neutral information-gathering agency that helps to reduce the pretrial detention population by procuring the release of eligible detainees which alleviates unnecessary detention costs. The agency is responsible for interviewing in-custody criminal defendants to determine their eligibility for court-ordered pretrial release programs, verifying data, conducting criminal history checks, and monitoring released defendants until adjudication.



Court-ordered release programs are:

Conditional Release: Non-financial release of a detainee requiring compliance with certain conditions during the pretrial period.

Ten Percent Cash Deposit Bail: Ten percent of the face amount of the bond is posted with the court by an approved surety.

The Pretrial Jail Unit interviews detainees to determine release eligibility and make recommendations to the judge. The Pretrial Supervision Unit monitors released defendant compliance with pretrial release conditions established by the court.



Contact Pretrial Court Services

Cobb County Magistrate Court
32 Waddell Street, Suite 311
Marietta, Georgia 30090

770-528-8954 (Fax)