Cobb County Government

Bad Check Citation/Warrant Filing Fees

Fees to Apply for a Bad Check Citation or Warrant

A fee is charged per check for each warrant or citation application. An Accused Information Sheet also needs to be completed for each defendant that allegedly committed the offense of Bad Check.

Current fees can be found on our Filing Fees page.



Fees to Dismiss a Bad Check Citation or Warrant

The following dismissal fees are currently in effect: Citation $67.50, misdemeanor warrant $108.00 and felony warrant $135.00. These fees are almost always paid by the defendant. However, the merchant would be responsible for these fees if he/she accepts payment or filed in error. Dismissal fees apply after the Magistrate's Office has received the application for the Bad Check Warrant or Citation. If the merchant recommends dismissal, the case will probably be ended. However, the final decision rests with the Magistrate Court.

Payment must be made by cash, money order or credit card. It is the policy of the Magistrate Court not to accept debit cards since the payment can be stopped similar to a check.