Cobb County Government

Alcohol and Drug Testing

When you are told to submit to testing, you are to submit to a urine test. The test must check your urine for drugs and alcohol, unless otherwise specified by your Probation Officer. You must submit to a standard drug panel and ETG (test for alcohol use for up to 72 hours). The test also must be witnessed. The results shall be sent to your Probation Officer. When you signed up for probation, you signed a Urine Abstinence Testing and Incidental Alcohol Exposure Form. This form will give you a list of things that you will need to avoid or limit your contact with while on probation.

Do not consume excessive amounts of liquids before testing, for this will cause your sample to be diluted.

Diluted tests = Failed tests.

Cobb County Drug Treatment Lab
32 Waddell Street, Basement level
Marietta, GA 30090 (Building D)

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Thursday from 9am – 4:30pm.
Lab closes from 11:30 – 1:00 for lunch and will take the last person before close at 4:30.


Standard Panel with ETG - $35
Standard Panel - $25
Alcohol ETG - $15

Lab will accept cash or money order, which must be paid before testing.

You must also show a valid government issued picture ID before testing. If you choose to use a different lab, the lab must still abide by these requirements. Some Judges require you to use the Cobb County Drug Treatment Lab for all testing, so be sure to check with your Probation Officer.