Cobb County Government

What is a Petition For Revocation of Probation and what do I need to do if I receive this in the mail?

If you receive a Petition For Revocation of Probation, this means that you have failed to complete a condition of your probation within the timeframe that the Judge or your Probation Officer has given you. This court date is your time to explain to the Judge why you have not done what was ordered of you.

On the first page of the petition, the violations are listed. You are to immediately start working on completing the conditions listed. If you are able to complete ALL of the past due conditions before the court date, then bring them in person to the probation office and ask to speak to your Probation Officer. If you have not completed everything then come to court on the court date. You MUST appear in court unless your Probation Officer tells you otherwise. Make sure to bring everything that you have completed and/or started so that you can give to your Probation Officer in the courtroom. It is very important that you bring your paperwork to court with you.

It is your responsibility to provide the paperwork. It is not the responsibility of your counselor, community service organization, parent, spouse or anyone else.