Cobb County Government

Information Regarding Jury Duty in Cobb Superior Court

The Cobb County Superior Court is responsible for handling cases involving felonies, civil disputes, real estate matters, and family and domestic concerns.

When you receive a Jury Summons for Cobb Superior Court, it is a subpoena to appear as a potential juror. You have been randomly selected by a computer to provide a good cross section of the community. It is a United States Citizen’s highest privilege, and patriotic duty. It also gives you an opportunity to see how the courts in your community function under the law.

Georgia law requires that it is mandatory that you serve as a juror, unless you have a legal exemption under the Georgia State Law. A person’s occupation, business, or economic status is not a legal exemption.

When you receive your jury summons, please read it carefully for instructions and information. Keep the top portion, and return the bottom portion that is labeled “Juror Information Form.” This is important, as attorneys in the courtroom will question you as a potential juror in order to assist in selecting the jury to try the case. Use of these questionnaires can expedite the jury process.



Petit Jury

Your jury service can last an average of one week. You will be asked to call the voice mail or check the Internet each evening after 6:00 to see if you will need to report for jury duty the next day or not. A juror is paid $25.00 per day, for the days they are physically here. The days you are not required to appear for jury duty, you can resume your normal daily activities.



Grand Jury

The Grand Jury consists of twenty-three (23) members and two (2) alternates. Grand Jurors serve for a two month term. The Grand Jury generally meets one to two days per week. Persons ineligible for service on a Grand Jury are elected officials in state or local government or those who have held office within two years preceding service as a Grand Juror.

Georgia law provides only two categories for permanent exemption from jury duty. It is for persons who are permanently physically or mentally disabled or persons who are over seventy years of age who do not wish to serve. Affidavits for both of these permanent exemptions are located at the bottom of your jury summons.

Georgia law states that you are qualified to serve as a juror if you are a U.S citizen, are at least 18 years of age, are a resident of the county that sent you the jury summons, and have had your rights restored if you were convicted of a felony.

The following types of clothing are not allowed: Caps must not be worn inside of a courtroom, shorts or cut off jeans, any “see through” materials, and no law enforcement uniforms.




Upon arriving at the courthouse, you will be required to go through security screening. Weapons of any kind (including pocket knives) are prohibited.

All cell phones must be turned off upon entering a courtroom.

Our Jury Assembly Room is equipped with wireless network that is available for jurors. There are also desktop computers, fax machines, printers and courtesy telephones. Cell phones, personal electronic equipment, etc. are allowed in the Jury Assembly Room.