Cobb County Government

Requesting an Emergency Hearing

1.  A verified Complaint with a separate Motion for Emergency Hearing must first be filed with the Clerk of Superior Court to get a Judge assignment. The Judge assignment is required
     because some Judges prefer to hear their own emergency hearings. The Clerk of Superior Court is located on the 1st Floor, Main Cobb Superior Court Building.
2.  A Rule Nisi with the first available hearing date before the assigned Judge must be obtained from either the Clerk of Superior Court or the assigned Judge.
3.  A courtesy copy of the verified Complaint and Motion for Emergency Hearing must be presented in person to the chambers of the Presiding Judge located on the 4th Floor, Cobb
     Superior Court South Building.
4.  The Presiding Judge and the Staff Attorney will review the verified Complaint and Motion for Emergency Hearing to determine if the issues authorize an emergency hearing.
5.  If the Presiding Judge determines the case should be heard on an emergency basis, a Rule Nisi will be issued by the Presiding Judge containing a set date, time, and courtroom to
     appear before the Presiding Judge.
6.  Service on the opposing side is required. The moving party is responsible for serving the opposing side.

Please note:

A hearing date will not be provided over the phone.

A request for emergency hearing will not be accepted through the U.S. Postal Service or by phone.

Any delay in bringing an emergency request before the Court is deemed as evidence of a lack of a “true” emergency.