Cobb County Government

Juror Donation Program

thAs a juror in Cobb County Superior Court, you have the unique opportunity to give even more back to your community through our Juror Fee Donation Program.

By checking the appropriate box on the form you will be given, you can donate the fee you would normally receive for your jury service ($25.00 a day) to one of the designated areas within the county.


The money would go to capital improvement projects & operating purposes only. You will receive a certificate showing the amount you donated and to which area. Your donation is tax deductible.

One choice only can be made. Your choices will be: Cobb County Animal Shelter, Cobb Trees Program, Focus on Forever: A Marital Seminar, Cobb Parks & Recreation, Cobb Public Library System & Cobb Senior Services.

The donation program is completely optional.

Juror Donation Form [PDF]