Cobb County Government

Special Master Program

6129lady of justiceSpecial Masters are attorneys who are responsible for administering the condemnation laws of Georgia. The special master sits as a judge over a land condemnation case. A Superior Court judge then approves his or her decision.

Pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, in order to qualify to be a special master an attorney must be a competent attorney at law, be of good standing in the profession, and have at least three years of experience in the practice of law.

When requests come in for special masters the party is given several names and phone numbers in sequence from our list. The party has the option of declining an attorney if there appears to be a conflict of interest. Once a special master has agreed to serve, the case information is sent to us for statistical tracking.

If you would like to participate in the Special Master Program or to request a Special Master, please contact Kim Hicks at 770-528-1811 or Lisa Chao at 770-528-1820.

Special Masters Application [PDF]