Cobb County Government


Screening Process

Screening is conducted in the early stages of Drug Treatment Court and typically precedes assessment and other diagnostic activities.

After the Defense Attorney completes all necessary documents required by the program and files a petition, he or she reviews the case to decide if the prospective participant meets predetermined eligibility requirements.


The District Attorney then refers the candidate to the Drug Treatment Court Coordinator for further screening. The Drug Treatment Court Coordinator uses assessment tools to complete the screening process.

After the screening is completed, the entire Drug Treatment Court team uses information gathered during screening to vote on admission of the candidate to the program.


Eligibility Criteria Exclusion Criteria
  • 17+ years of age
  • Felony offense
  • Cobb County resident
  • Possession of illegal substance or drug driven charge
  • Prescription forger charge
  • Must voluntarily agree to participate in Drug Treatment Court program
  • Possession with intent charge (trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution)
  • Current parole status
  • History of violent conduct
  • Severe mental illness
  • Unstable megical condition
  • Out of state warrants
  • Severe developmental deficiency
  • INS hold
  • Previously terminated from Drug Treatment Court