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Near the end of Phase V, the participant will complete an application for graduation, and turn it into the Drug Treatment Court (DTC) Coordinator to be reviewed and approved by the DTC team.

When participants successfully meet all DTC obligations, formal graduation ceremonies are conducted. Successful completion of the DTC program consists of the following conditions.

Conditions Include:

  • Pay all program fees
  • Completion of all treatment requirements
  • Complete all required 12-step meetings
  • Be crime free
  • 6 months of sobriety and negative drug screens
  • Full-time employment or student

Graduation recognizes the participant's accomplishments. The DTC team, all DTC interveners, and even the arresting officers are invited to the graduation. This ceremony is an excellent example of what cooperation between criminal justice agencies can achieve. Graduates may be presented with a certificate of achievement and a token of congratulations. Post graduation activities include an alumni association, and aftercare plans.

No later than one week prior to the completion of the program, participants will schedule and complete an exit interview with the DTC program office. A Participant who successfully completes the DTC program as a diversion case will have his or her sentencing nolle prosequi. A participant who successfully completes the DTC program as part of a sentence, will have the prison part of the sentence suspended, and then serve the balance of their time on probation.

While graduates no longer need to appear in court, they will be encouraged to be involved with aftercare, and occasionally update the Judge and DTC team of their success in the community.