Cobb County Government

Veteran Mentor Program

An essential part of the VTC is the addition of volunteer veteran mentors as part of the support team that encourages, guides and motivates mentees to complete the 18 month treatment program for physical, psychological and substance abuse conditions stemming from their military service.

A properly trained and engaged veteran mentor will develop an active and supportive relationship with the mentee and will increase the mentees chances of recovery.




Mentor Mission

Cobb County Veteran Mentor Program ensures every participating veteran in VTC has a fellow veteran acting as a mentor, advocate and ally through the 18 month long program. The mentor will provide peer-to-peer support to assist the veteran mentee with adjustment challenges and support the mentee in navigating through the VTC program.

Mentor Procedure Booklet [PDF]




Mentee Profile

  1. Honorably Discharged Veteran
  2. Mental health issues associated with combat service
  3. Substance abuse issues
  4. Facing felony criminal charges in Cobb County




Program Structure

Phase 1: Minimum of 3 months
Phase 2: Minimum of 4 months
Phase 3: Minimum of 5 months
Phase 4: Minimum of 6 months