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Cobb County library System expands online services

Staff Reports

The Cobb County Public Library System has launched a new tool to help the public find government resources online: its e-gov Web page, available at

This page lists local, state and federal government resources, including information on financial assistance and benefits; legal, health, and education information; and answers to frequently asked questions. This e-government tool was created as part of a national grant from The Institute of Museum and Library Services, which was awarded to the American Library Association and the Center for Library and Information Innovation of the University of Maryland’s iSchool. Public libraries, including the Cobb County Public Library System, are experiencing an increased demand for e-government assistance.

In 2004, the Pew Research Center reported that approximately 97 million adult Americans interacted with the federal government online in 2003, and this number is expected to be much higher today.

“As government agencies have continued to digitize forms and services, the Cobb County Public Library System has experienced a tremendous growth in the demand for assistance with e-government resources,” said Associate Director for Central and Outreach Services Jonathan McKeown. “This portion of our Web site is designed to help the average citizen of Cobb County find the government services they’re looking for.”

Future plans for the e-government initiative include online and in-person training, helpful publications and checklists, and additions to the Web page. More information about these e-government resources can be found by visiting