Cobb County Government

What you and your neighbors can do

Entering Autos

The primary cause for the rate of Entering Autos is individuals leaving valuables in their unattended vehicles. Preventing items being stolen from your vehicles requires 2 things: 1) taking everything of value out of your vehicle and 2) locking your vehicle. Leaving valuables in clear view in a locked car will most likely result in a broken window. Please do not leave firearms inside vehicles. Laptop computers are in high demand and very valuable on the black market. Other highly sought items include IPODs, Satellite Radios, GPS Navigation systems, purses and wallets. Leaving them in your car will subject them to theft.

Thefts at Fitness Centers

If you must take your valuables such as purses, wallets or laptops with you, secure them in your trunk prior to arriving at your final destination. Doing so after you arrive, only announcing to everyone what you are doing.

The other theft problem at fitness centers involves thefts from lockers while the victim is working out. Sometimes the lockers are left unlocked, but another tactic used by the perpetrator is to remove the victim’s lock, take items from their locker and then replace the lock with a different one. This tactic buys them time to use stolen credit cards before the victim can discover that they have been taken.

The only real solution to the above incidents would be to not even take valuables to the fitness centers.